Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Healthy Valentine's Treats and Crib to Toddler Bed Transition

 Elisabeth is 10 now and she really wanted to bring something a little extra to her four closest girlfriends at school for Valentine's. Since we like to be fun but still keep things pretty healthy, we decided on our whole-wheat, honey-sweetened peanut butter cookie recipe. We turned four of them into giant heart-shaped cookies, and since we made them almost a week before Valentine's, we put them on foil-lined cardboard squares and then put them in quart sized freezer bags, wrote a Valentine's note on them and stuck them in the freezer. We'll pull them out the morning of so they a little time to defrost before she hands them out. She was very excited about them; they are one of her all time favorite cookies!
 We started transitioning Nora to a toddler bed a couple of weeks ago. Her crib is still set up in the same room just in case she comes out of her bed when she's not supposed to, then I can put her in her crib. We don't give second chances so if she comes out even once she goes straight to the crib. We always make sure she goes potty before we put her down so that we know she doesn't need to get out and go again.

In the picture below, 2 year old Nora made her own bed that morning and she was so proud! It's a little lopsided but she did great and I was impressed that she went in and had a desire to do it all on her own. Nice work Nora!

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