Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Colorado Snow Storm, AB Birthday Date, My Favorite Movie Treat

 We got a lot of snow this weekend. Friday night we got about 6 inches. We woke up in the morning, went out and shoveled the driveway, and it was a bit wet and not freezing cold, so we decided it was perfect for making a snowman and a snow fort. I helped the little girls with a snowman; it came up to my waist.
 And pulled Nora around on the sled for a bit.

 Scott helped the big kids start a fort using a big Emergency Essentials bucket, but then they took it from there and finished it.

We heard on the news that there would be a snow storm late in the afternoon, around 3, so just after Charles' basketball game I took Annabelle on her birthday date. We went to Target where she used her birthday money to get a pair of tennis shoes and a wallet, and then I took her out to lunch at Panera Bread.
 When we sat down at Panera, Annabelle looked around and said, "Mom, this is a fancy restaurant, isn't it?" I chuckled because it didn't seem very fancy to me, but maybe a little more than sweet tomatoes which is our usual, which is a bit loud and there's lots of moving around. After we were nearly through eating she asked if we could come here every year for her birthday date. I think she loved having Mac and Cheese, a gogurt and a giant cookie. And I'm game because I loved my Veggie Mediterranean sandwich and there were a couple other things on the menu that looked great like the soups and the brown rice, quinoa and kale salad.

 Once we got home, Scott took Charles on his birthday date (a month late :)). They went rock climbing at the rec center and were back home around 430pm. The storm had started while they were out, but he was in his truck and is a careful and safe driver so I wasn't too worried. I took this picture below form my bedroom window during the storm. It was snowing and the winds were loud and really blowing the snow around which made it hard to see. It made me very grateful to live in a home with walls and heat and food inside. And it made me grateful, once again, for the pioneers who crossed the plains during horrible winters in order to have religious freedom.
 That night Scott and I had an in-home, movie date night. This is my all time favorite movie treat: air popped popcorn with aussie strawberry licorice. A little bit of sweet with the salty. Awhile ago I resolved to only buy this licorice on Thursdays or Fridays, just before my date night, and to only get 5-6 pieces because when it's in the house, I have a hard time not eating it every day. :)
I love our crazy Colorado weather. One day it's a snow storm and over the next day or two it's sunny and 65 degrees. It doesn't ever last long but I love it; changes things up. And I love all the sun.

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