Monday, February 2, 2015

AD sewing, green smoothies, and daily progress report

This post is filled with a bunch of random pictures and thoughts from our week. 

Jane just figured out how to do a head stand against the wall. I put a blanket down first because this particular part of the wall and floor where she likes to do headstands has a heat vent right there which can hurt your head when you're supporting your weight on it, even if it is for a short time.

Annabelle and Jane are starting ballet lessons in a couple of weeks. Annabelle is really excited. Jane would rather do gymnastics, but I wanted them together in the same class for now so there's less carpooling for me. We might try Jane in gymnastics when she's a bit older.

This past week for activity days, the girls learned how to sew with a sewing machine. They each made a small pillow, perfect size for traveling! 
I took a picture of the green smoothie I made one morning this week. I have been drinking green smoothies for breakfast, almost every day for nearly 5 years now. Wow, that seems like a long time.  I do it because I love it. I love starting off my day right, with clean, nourishing foods, exercise, along with scriptures and prayer. Things just go better when I fit all the good stuff in my schedule in the morning, and that includes breakfast :).  Green smoothies make me feel clean inside, energized and happy that I made a good choice for my body.
Charles has a lot of energy and he sometimes has a hard time focusing in on his tasks, whether it's chores at home or school work etc. We have charts at home that have helped him over the years and most of them have become regular habits for him now and he's pretty good at accomplishing them on his own.

I go in to my kids school every other week and his teacher, who had mentioned during his last parent teacher conference that he was having a hard time with distractions, told me that it was getting worse and that she wasn't sure what to do or how to help him. That was hard to hear, I hoped that somehow he wasn't as distracted at school as he was at home, but I appreciated her honesty and wanted to do what I could to help. I prayed for help, understanding and guidance and then Scott and I talked and came up with some possible solutions which we shared with his teacher via email.

Scott mentioned that in a book he had recently finished about habits, they spoke about willpower. They said that willpower is a muscle and that there have been studies done that show that our willpower can be used up, so we need to build up that muscle so that it can become stronger and we can focus and have that willpower for longer periods of time. We started doing a daily progress report where at the end of the day, Charles will circle a number 1-5, which correlates with how his day went, 1 being not good, and 5 being great. Then his teacher does the same thing. He then turns this into us each day, and if he did well, meaning if he gets a 3 or above, he'll get his normal 15 minutes of media time that day (usually on the kindle), but if he gets a 1 or a 2 from his teacher, then he loses it. Also, if he gets 3+ all week from his teacher, than on the weekend he gets to either have a little extra media time, or he can choose something else fun he'd like to do that's inexpensive or free. It's only been about a week, but so far he has done really well. And interestingly enough, when he gets in the van after school, and shows me is good report card, he gets all hyper and distracted again, not being bad, he has all that built up energy and I think validates the statement about willpower being a muscle, and that he's been exercising it all day and now it's used up :). My goal is to continue to work with him at home and at school so that he can get to a point where he can focus and be in control and less distracted the entire day. I know it'll take time and patience on my part, but I know he's capable.

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