Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Visit from Grandma Smith

 Grandma Smith came for a long weekend visit last week! It was her first trip out to Colorado. We loved having her here with us. We went to the Butterfly Pavilion, ate dinner at Cinzetti's (our favorite Italian buffet), went to Elisabeth's indoor soccer game, played lots of games, watched Harry Potter, and spent a good amount of time visiting. I also got two crowns taken care of (hate dental work), since Scott and Angela were home to watch the girls.

I love Nora's unhappy/scared face in this picture below. She did not like the moving net bridge the first time she walked on it.

Upon arrival, we were told there would be a 'butterfly release' at 330, which was only an hour out, so we decided to stay for that. We imagined a large number of butterflies being dropped or thrown out all at once; we were a little nervous about being swarmed with butterflies, having them in our hair and clothes. So we were a little disappointed when no such thing happened. Instead, the butterfly lady brought in a little cage that had maybe 5-10 butterflies inside, and she would pick one up with her gloved hand, holding it by it's wings, tell us a little bit about the butterfly, and then let it fly away. Oh well.
 This is the Owl butterfly...looks like an owl eye on it's wing. You can clearly see it's very long tongue in this picture; it almost looks like another leg except that it's coming out of it's mouth. They had these fruit trays set up throughout the pavilion for the butterflies to eat.

 Inside the butterfly area, the climate was warm and humid. Nora did not like it.

 They had several insects/creatures to touch, like the starfish, horseshoe crab,
 and Rosie the tarantula.

 Even grandma held Rosie!
The girls touched the roaches.

 Sunday, the girls did a surprise musical number during church...well, surprise for Grandma. They had put together a musical number several weeks before, all on their own: Elisabeth played "I'm trying to be like Jesus", while Annabelle sang the first verse, Elisabeth sang the second and they sang the chorus together. It was beautiful.

Thanks for coming Grandma! We loved having you here!

 *Grandma took this one of Nora after Nora tried to put her underwear on herself.

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