Friday, January 23, 2015

The Man of My Dreams...

...turns 34 tomorrow!! I am SO glad that he was born!

I have a hard time adequately expressing in words the way I feel for Scott. They always seem to fall short. But I will continue to try because Scott means the world to me and I want to make sure that our children and grandchildren and great, great, great grand children know.

12 years ago, Scott and I were dating. It was on his 22nd birthday, all those years ago, that he first told me he loved me.
11 1/2 years ago, in London airport; newlyweds

We had only known each other a few months, but I loved him too. How could I not? He was so kind, so giving, always looking for an opportunity to serve someone around him.
11 1/2 years ago, in Rome

I remember being surprised at how often he offered to give people rides who didn't have a car...and we were poor college students from out of state(at BYU) living near campus, so most of us didn't have cars.

I lived in an apartment, at that time, with 5 other girls and I remember being impressed that he would notice our kitchen garbage and take it out without saying a word.

I remember feeling a sense of closeness to him when I saw the way he interacted with his parents and sisters when they came to visit him at BYU, always kind, always loving. I knew that any girl would be lucky to have him. I'm grateful that I was that lucky girl.
Scott has lived up to and far surpassed any expectations I may have had during those early years. He is continually learning, growing and bettering himself...I hope I can keep up with him!

Our kids love and adore him. He helps with homework, plays football with Charles, soccer with the girls, gives snuggles when they're needed and is always there for everything, even the sometimes early indoor soccer games. He teaches the children by word and example to follow Christ by being honest, hard-working, and loving and caring for those around him.  I'm grateful to have him by my side as we raise our five children together.
He's never been afraid to change a diaper or help in the kitchen which is such a blessing and a help to me. I have gotten really sick with each of our five pregnancies and each time he stepped up, took care of me and took over my duties of cooking and cleaning and caring for the children on top of his 8-5 job. I'm sure it was exhausting, because my daily tasks are not easy, and then adding on a full-time job, must be nearly impossible. But, he always came through and he did so cheerfully and without complaint. Our relationship was strengthened each time, which I believe is the direct consequence of serving and enduring well. 
I'm grateful we get to climb the mountains of life together, hand in hand.  

I'm grateful for his sense of humor. It's not sarcastic or mean, or inappropriate in any way, but he's fun, and fun-loving and we always have a good time together. One of my favorite times of day is at night, just before bed, when it's just him and me and we get to talk and enjoy one another's company and conversation.

I cherish every minute we have together, he truly is my best friend, and I'm so grateful our time together does not end after this life, but will continue on for eternity...a minute short of eternity would not be enough. Happy Birthday, Dear!

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Angela said...

We've always known how special Scott is and we are so grateful that he found such a wonderful woman to marry. We think of you as our own and are so impressed by what a great wife and mom that you are. Scott is such an amazing man and we are so pleased that he is such a wonderful husband and father. You are a lucky girl and we are so fortunate to have him as our son. You are both so fortunate to have found one and other.