Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Student of the month, yogurt parfait and a fractured nose

Annabelle was named Student of the Month last month! Congratulations Annabelle! She's a good girl who works hard and is kind to everyone.

Just before nap time, Nora, Jane and I were reading some Fancy Nancy books from the library and after reading about Nancy's yogurt parfaits, we decided to make some for lunch.
And I have to say, we did feel fancier eating our yogurt parfaits with granola, bananas and blueberries.

This is an unrelated picture I snapped of Nora after her nap because I loved her crazy hair which made it look like she had a nest on top of her head.
And the last bit of news is that Friday, at recess, Annabelle tripped and fell onto her nose and broke it. We didn't know it was broken at first; she just came home and told me she fell on her nose, that it was bleeding a lot at school, and that it still was hurting. I told her to just rest and that it'd probably be feeling much better in the morning. Well, morning came she said it was still hurting, she had a little bruise on the side of her nose and it looked a little swollen, and now her nose sounded stuffy, like it was blocked up, but she wasn't sick in any way. When we went to clean the church that morning, we asked our friend Ryan B. to take a look at it since he's an ear, nose and throat doctor. After feeling around a bit he said it was probably a small fracture, that the swelling was causing the nose to feel stuffed up, but that in a week or two it should be feeling better and that there's really nothing a doctor would do so we didn't need to bring her in. She has iced it a couple of times, and she sleeps with a couple of pillows under her head now to help with the swelling, but besides that she's doing okay, we're just having her take it easy and not run around so much because we don't want her to fall and hurt it more, and it hurts more when she's running around. This girl seems to be our accident prone child. She's our only child that has had a broken bone and she's had three now: broken nose, foot and collarbone, plus a dislocated elbow and all before she turned 7.  She's a tough girl though and doesn't complain much, even when she is hurt. Love this little lady.

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