Monday, January 26, 2015

Scott's birthday celebrations

 Scott's birthday was Saturday, but we kicked off his celebration a day early with the family since we knew we were going to be going on a birthday date Saturday and since we were going to be gone a lot, cleaning the church and going to Charles' basketball game.
And no, it's not Nora's birthday too. Having a 2 year-old, for the fifth time, we've gotten relaxed and easy-going in some areas of life. After we sung Happy Birthday to Scott and he blew out his candle, Nora felt it would be a good idea if she had a turn, so we lit the candle again, sang Happy Birthday again, and she blew out the candle, again :). 

Scott got a new wallet, shirt, a blender bottle, vegan chocolate protein powder, a fleece sleeping bag insert, a Cracker Barrel gift card from my parents, and a couple of homemade gifts. I made him aftershave, with three ingredients: fractionated coconut oil, lavendar and melaleuca(tea tree) essential oils. The kids made Scott cinnamon toothpicks using a cinnamon essential oil and fractionated coconut oil. 

Saturday morning, after cleaning the church, we went over to Charles' basketball game.
 He enjoys it and exercise is always good.
 Once the game was through, we used Scott's gift card and went for lunch at Cracker Barrel. He's wearing his new shirt, which I love :).

 We came home for a couple of hours, put Nora down for a nap while we did our Saturday chores and rested up a bit, and then I picked up our sitter Jenna, and Scott and I went rock climbing at the rec center and then ate dinner at Old Chicago. This was a night of first-time experiences for us.
 We loved rock climbing. It was hard, but we did it and we made it to the top of 2 out of our 3 times climbing. What a workout! Seriously! I was grateful we were connected to ropes and a harness in case we dropped :).
 Scott was amazing and did a harder wall than I did, and the one I did with difficulty, he did with ease.
Eating our dinner afterward was hard too because we could barely move our hands because our forearms were SO tired and sore. We had so much fun, we're looking forward to doing it again sometime, and the kids would like to join us. In fact, while we were there, one of Annabelle's 6 year-old best friends was there, climbing, and I was nervous she was going to out do me...she almost did. She did great! And then a three-year-old came and climbed too! I was impressed. I'm glad that both Scott and I enjoy being physically active; it sure makes for some really fun date nights!

We got home just after 8pm, put the older kids to bed (the younger ones were in bed), and watched a really lame x-men movie (wolverine) and fast forwarded probably half of it because of all the fighting and violence. But, it was fun to snuggle up with Scott so it wasn't all bad :).

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