Monday, January 5, 2015

New Years Eve and New Years Day

Kids are going back to school this week, come Wednesday. I enjoy having them home, things are a lot less busy, we can sleep in, some days we don't leave the house at all! But at the same time, establishing a new routine when they're off isn't always easy, in fact, it never is for me, and there's always an adjustment period. Sometimes I don't feel like we really get through that adjustment period until right before school's starting again.

The routine we have once they're out of school is: dressed, make bed, tidy room, breakfast, exercise, piano, lunch, quiet/reading time while Nora naps, then play time from about 3-5 until they come in to set the table for dinner and help me cook. I exercise every day, and they joined me quite a few times. Scott and I are doing a free month trial of "The Daily Burn" right now, from Roku (internet tv), and we are loving it! It's intense but you definitely feel yourself getting stronger.

Many times when Nora naps, during "quiet time", we do some food prep for dinner or make a snack. Here is Charles helping me make pizza dough.
 And Elisabeth and Annabelle made protein bars all on their own while Charles and I worked on our dough.
 New Years Eve we celebrated with some fun foods that we don't normally have and a game night, though only Lis and Char stayed up for that; we told Annabelle she could but by nine she asked to go to bed. We are early risers around here so staying up til midnight is a challenge. We drank Martinelli's sparkling apple cider and below is Annabelle partaking in a Garnica Family tradition :), potato chips dipped in ice cream :). Well, it started as French fries dipped in our shakes but then one day I figured potato chips should have that same taste and I was right! These are a more natural potato chip with very few ingredients, but they're still fried and not good for you. Costco sells a vanilla ice cream that uses real sugar and no corn syrups, which is what we had leftover from Thanksgiving, so we used that up as well. Now that it's gone, I can start making my homemade ice cream again!
 We played Yahtzee, Catch Phrase and Pirates of the Caribbean.

New Years morning we had Belgian waffles with blueberries.
 And later that day I made some carob dipped shortbread cookies. They are made with whole wheat and spelt, and sweetened with pure maple syrup.

 They also don't have egg inside so I feel totally okay eating the cookie dough :), have I mentioned I got salmonella before? Not fun, so I don't mess around with raw eggs. These are so yum, a cookie I've made for years. Happy New Years! New Years Resolutions:
1.) Eat three meals with one snack; no other snacking! and no late night eating except on date night, once a week.
2.) Be a better example to the children of someone who is 'temperate in all things' and never rolls eyes, sighs, or talks in a negative/annoying/critical tone. I think this will really help lessen their complaining and whining. Think of Dumbledore from Harry Potter or the Jedi Knights from Star Wars, or better yet, Jesus Christ who was perfect at this. Great examples to follow; firm but kind.

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