Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Charles' 9th Birthday

Charles turned nine today! (well, since I'm scheduling this post a day later, I guess he turned nine yesterday). Charles' requested cereal for breakfast and a bagel. I didn't even know that he knew what a bagel was! :) And, since no one else in the house likes bagels, we just got one, and then we all had some granola from Costco. This boy LOVES granola, though normally it's homemade so it was still a special treat.

 He opened his gifts that morning before Scott took off for work...though there are still a couple on the way from :), whoops! He got a first aid and survival kit from Granny and Grandpa Garnica, we got him a new quilt and plush blanket for his bed, he got jeans, a rainbow loom, Star Wars sheet music and Scott's old Calvin and Hobbs books that have been boxed up in the basement for a long time, and which Charles' loves. Still coming is a board game, a joke book and football gloves.
 Here is Charles' bed after we got his new blankets on. Charles is the only one who has his own room, though he's also the only one who sleeps in the basement, so there are pros and cons with that. Luckily, the unfinished basement in this house is never very cold; the heat still turns on down there so that's nice. And in the summer, when the rest of the house is pretty warm, his room stays nice and cool. We've also laid down several pieces of carpet we had lying around which made his room a little more cozy. Scott made him that wooden clothes hanger/shelf thing on the left side of the room a week ago which we love!  It's nice to have a handy hubby. And it's nice to have somewhere, to put your white shirt and suit, besides the floor :), that's where a lot of his clothes normally end, he's actually gotten a lot better about putting them away, though he generally stuffs them all in one drawer rather than taking the time to separate them into their correct drawers. Love my boy! ;)  The dresser  and night stand we found on craigslist for $20 several months back.
The kids still had school off, though they go back today, so we did our normal morning routine of cleaning, exercise and piano. Then, for lunch, Charles really wanted a cheeseburger since he knew he could pick anything, so we stopped at Smashburger and he got a meal, I got a veggie burger, then we drove to Chick-Fil-A (on the same block) and we all ate there since the girls are not fans of burgers. Afterward we went home, Nora took a nap while they watched a Redbox movie and I got the house ready for Charles' friend party at 3.
 He invited four boys around his age, from church, to go to Jump City with us. They jumped for nearly 2 hours.

 There were these three teenager guys doing all sorts of fancy tricks on the tramps. Quite a few people came over to watch them do all their flips and twists, including myself and Scott :).
 After Jump City, we came back to our house for 30 minutes for pizza, cake and ice cream sandwiches.
 I made the cake from scratch using the Cake Boss cake and frosting recipe. The frosting is chocolate butter cream.

 And for party favors we gave out BYU duct tape wallets, hacky-sack sports balls, and a couple of peppermint treats.
Happy Birthday Charles! We love you so much and are blessed to have you as a member of our family.

A Few Fun Facts About Charles at Age Nine:
-likes to read comics like Calvin and Hobbs and Big Nate
- likes board games, especially Pirates of the Caribbean, Pit, Stratego, and Battleship
- likes Ninjago, Legos, Star Wars(we only let him watch the three Old Star Wars movies, not the new ones), and Harry Potter (we've listened to all 7 audio books and he's seen all the movies that are rated PG...we'll wait awhile before he can see the others).
- likes playing the piano; really enjoying our new keyboard
- loves sports especially football, baseball and basketball
-likes cuddling up, holding hands, getting back rubs and scratches, hugs, kisses etc
- likes playing games on the Kindle and Laptop (they get 15 min on week days and 30 minutes on weekends)
-loves to talk on the phone with his grandparents in Seattle and Raleigh
-loves to cook. He is always happy to lend me a hand in the kitchen with whatever I'm cooking/baking.

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