Monday, January 12, 2015

Activity Days Journals, Toe Touch, and BBall

 4-year-old Jane asked if she could take some pictures of her Jenga creation. She loves taking pictures. She took pictures in all different angles; then she asked if I'd post them on my blog. I told her I'd pick one of the pictures to put in the blog. So, here ya go Jane!

I'm the first counselor in our Primary Presidency at church and part of my job is being over the Activity Days Girls. We only have one leader who can be involved right now, and so until we can come up with another assistant leader, I've offered to attend the activities and help since we have quite a few girls...12 came to this last activity; there are only 8 in the picture because parents had already begun to pick-up girls before we remembered to snap this. I love our leader, Rachael. She is amazing, so actively involved and energetic and has such great ideas! She's perfect for this calling. Being the first activity of the year we focused on some goals we want the girls to be focused on over the year so we had a PJS party which stood for Prayer, Journals and Scripture Study. We meet from 7-8 Wednesday nights at our church and we had the girls(and leaders) come in their pjs. Each of the girls got to decorate the cover of their new journal/notebook.
 Speaking of goal setting, Scott has not been able to touch his toes since he was a child. He's been exercising and stretching 5- 6 days a week since Spring and it's paid off! He can now touch his toes. Way to go, Dear!
 Also at the beginning of the year, Charles started basketball. He has practice twice a week with games Saturdays and is loving it! Charles is a very active boy so sports are a perfect outlet for him.

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