Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Visiting Daddy at work

Before I jump into my post, I wanted to give a quick shout-out to my dad who turned 88 today! Happy Birthday dad! We love you!

Scott's office moved from Broomfield to Denver a couple of weeks ago. He started riding the bus and he suggested the girls and I take the bus down one day, while the older kids were at school, and meet him for lunch. So we did. The girls were a bit chilly waiting for our bus to arrive so they snuggled with each other for part of the time and part of the time they each snuggled up to one of my legs. Our two girls were the only children on the bus.

 Scott met us at the Union Station. I took the picture below just outside of the Union Station.
 We ate lunch at Chipotle, which was a couple of blocks away, and then we went back to the Union Station to wait for our bus.
 I love Nora's facial expressions.

 At the Union Station, they have a light rail that's not yet completed but people can get on and look around and check out their future routes. So here are the girls, on the light rail.
 Love the girls faces in the one below! :)
 It felt different to ride a bus where we're sitting around lots of other people and there are no car seats or seat belts. Overall, they enjoyed their bus experience and we loved seeing daddy midday!
*Side note: we finished listening to all 7 Harry Potter books on cd! We listen on roadtrips and as we drive to and from school and other activities and it's been so nice! We'll have to start up a new series soon. We listened to the first Percy Jackson book so I think we might keep going with those. If any of you have other suggestions, send them my way! 

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