Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Trimming the tree and homemade stockings

The day before Thanksgiving I had to make a Costco run and while there I picked up a live Christmas tree. They were only $30 and they are big and gorgeous fir trees! Now my house smells like pine, which is divine! Like my rhyme :)? I crack myself up! lol!). We stuck it outside until the day after Thanksgiving when we brought it in, and set it up in our living room.
We sang along to Christmas music playing on Pandora while we decorated the tree.
I love watching the kids find the 'perfect spot' for the ornaments.

And Dad put the star on last. Beautiful. I love Christmas lights. They are a good reminder that light casts out darkness and that Christ is the light of the world.

We've started a new-ish tradition that we'll pick up an ornament from the places we visit so that when we are decorating the tree each year, and we pull out those ornaments, we'll get to talk about memories from our family vacations. Our recent couple trip to Estes Park here in CO.

And actually, another couple trip, before we had kids, on our honeymoon, to Europe, and so we have the Colosseum. Gosh, I guess we need some from our family trips :). Maybe I'll order some online of  the places we've been. 

We box up our Christmas books with our decorations and we set them under the tree. The children look forward to reading these books, and so do Scott and I.

With the ornaments and the books also came the kids well-loved nativity lego set. We always ask the kids to keep this set in the living room and we've been doing something new this year; since the set is always all over the place in the living room, each night, after our family scripture study and prayer, we'll choose one of the children(have to have been sitting reverently and participating) to gather all the pieces and set it up the way they'd like on our end table where it will remain for the night. They LOVE doing this and it helps them sit quietly in anticipation of whose going to get to do it that night, so we like it too :).

 Friday morning I got my Christmas shopping done and later that day we took the kids out to Joanns Fabric and bought enough Christmas fabric to make stockings for all seven of us. The day after Thanksgiving, Joann's has all their Christmas fabric 75% off which a friend informed me of months previous. We all have the same print for the bottom (we found a Christmas fabric that already had batting inside) and then we let each person pick out the Christmas fabric they wanted for their cuff.  For all seven stockings, we ended up spending about $35 on material, so about $5/stocking, but they are individualized, big, and good quality.

We found a good stocking tutorial from the FabricWorm here. Oh, and I also got this rotary cutter pictured below for 50% off which I am so excited about! It made making these stockings SO much faster and easier! Scott and I started on these Saturday. We worked on these together; we each cut and sewed about half. And we burned the midnight oil, Saturday night, finishing them up.
Almost done! Just needs the iron-on applique! This one is Scott's.
All done!
We love the way they turned out and are pretty pleased with our work...we don't do a whole lot of sewing around here so even though this may seem very simple and easy to most, you know, a basic stocking pattern, this was no simple task for us and we got a lot of good use out of our seam ripper, if you know what I mean. But it was all worth it!

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