Monday, December 29, 2014

Mini Van Polar Express

Last week, a couple of days before Christmas, we used the free passes the kids got from school and took them roller skating. I took the four oldest once Nora was down for her nap, and Scott stayed with her. Did I mention the entire week off from work over Christmas? It was a dream!
The kids haven't had much skating practice, I think we've only taken them once before, and you can tell :). They stayed on the carpet for awhile and once they ventured out onto the floor, three of the four kids hugged the walls or found these white rolling trainers to hold on to.

Elisabeth was the only one that went out on her own, though she's the oldest so it makes sense. They all had an enjoyable time, and Annabelle was the only one in tears this time around which was better than last. Her bum hurt from falling on it so many times.

That night during dinner, we told the kids they were going to bed early since they stayed up late the night before. We asked them to get their pajamas on as soon as they cleaned up dinner and meet down in the living room for our Christmas Devotional (Christmas story/scripture/song). While they were singing, I dropped this on each of their pillows:

You can find printable Polar Express Tickets here. After our devotional, we told the children they could take a book(or several for the small children) up to their beds, and once they brushed their teeth, they could read for a few minutes before going to bed (it was 730pm). When they dropped their books off on their beds, they found their polar express tickets with their treats. They were excited about the treats, but didn't get the tickets until I offered a further explanation. Then we got in the van, with our jammies, stuffed animals and snacks, and drove around town to four houses we'd mapped out that had the best lights.

This one had a large carousel in the driveway amongst a million other beautiful lights and decorations! 1188 Clubhouse Dr, Broomfield CO
At all these houses I wondered where in the world they keep all this stuff when it's not out on display? Storage unit? Some of these things are HUGE and there is so much. We loved this house! 13910 Tincup Circle, Broomfield CO

This house was as big and grand and didn't have as many lights, but it was probably our favorite, and we definitely stayed the longest because we got to listen to music at 104.7 FM that went with the Christmas lights at 6330 W 110th Pl, Westminster (Broomfield address on my google maps on my phone).

And the last one on our stop: 3566 W 101 Circle, Westminster CO

We came home and finished off the night with donuts and hot chocolate, though I skipped the's been 12 years now since I've had chocolate(I will eat white chocolate but it's not as tempting so I still don't have it much)!  

By the way, loving all the Christmas cards on our coat closet door! I think I'll keep them up for awhile past Christmas! 

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