Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Bella Notte Christmas Concert

It's Christmas Eve! I love this time of year. The lights, trees, and music! Speaking of music, every Friday from 930-11am, for the past year, I've been singing with these lovely ladies. Megan and Chelsea put this group together, several of which are in their ward, and then there's three of us from other wards, and three women who they knew in the community: neighbor, Megan's daughters' piano teacher, school friend. We practice at one of our homes, and we rotate through about 5-6 of our houses, so we have practice at my house about once every 6 weeks.
Between the 12 of us (one is not pictured here because she's playing the piano; we have three women that play in our group), we have 29 kids; and between just me, Megan and Melonie alone, we have 15 kids :). So we have our little ones with us during our Friday practices,  the ones not yet old enough to be in school, and there's usually about 15 of them. They play and run around the house and many times just sit on our hips :).
It has been wonderful getting to know these lovely ladies, I love them all!
They are all such fun, amazing and delightful women.
We performed in Longmont last week at a Methodist church, the Longmont men's choir had invited us to perform half way through their annual Christmas concert (Megan is married to the Longmont choir director). We sang 6 songs. After our performance last week, several of us went to dinner at Chilis; it was a late night but we were starving and knew all our kids would be home in bed anyway because it was so late. Dinner was nice and the company was even better.

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