Monday, December 15, 2014

Advent Calendar, date with Scott, Elisabeth goalie

Last year I got an Advent calendar as a white elephant gift! We put it up this year and added a Popsicle stick to each calendar pocket with a Christmas activity written on each one. We are so busy with life and everything that's going on in December that I wanted to keep it pretty simple, including some christmasy activities that we'd be doing anyway*, while doing some service activities because those are the ones that are the most meaningful, that they'll remember and it is the season for remembering Christ and so it seems fitting. Here are some of the activities in our Advent Calendar:

-write a christmas card to grandparents
-carol at nursing home
-drive around looking at christmas lights
-watch a christmas movie (3x)
-make a christmas craft (2x)
-make a christmas treat
-decorate gingerbread house
-read christmas stories
-act out the nativity
-watch 'joy to the world'
-call Grandpa and play christmas songs for him on the piano
-go christmas shopping for your 'secret sibling'
*we had several things on there that we had to do anyway like "go to annabelles christmas piano recital" and 'attend elisabeth's christmas choir concert" and 'christmas work party' and 'christmas neighbor party' and 'church christmas party' etc.

In addition to our advent calendar, we are also continuing our tradition of many years now, of doing a little christmas devotional each night where we sing a christmas song, read a christmas scripture and story; we do this each december in place of our normal family scripture study time;  I have a '24 days til christmas' binder with everything that I need for these Christmas devotionals so it's not complicated.

Some of the pictures below were taken of our advent calendar activities, and others are just random pictures; like this one that Charles took of his linkin logs :).

And dad was taking a nap with the girls, but then they got up and left him alone with their stuffed Belle doll :).

 I experiment a lot with recipes because I love to come up with new things and healthified versions of yummy treats. I try not to experiment when we're having guests over because there have been a couple of times where the recipe did not turn out well. Like these molasses cookies below:
 LOL!!! I still get all teary eyed just looking at this picture because it cracks me up! Molasses cookies are one of Scott's favorites, but apparently my healthified version didn't work on this one. But, I think I know where I went wrong and I am not giving up, so we will try again :)! Oh and the picture below is what happened to the cookies when we tried to get them off the pan with a spatula; they broke apart into soft crumbs. Still tasty though! And we squished the crumbs together into balls and still ate them!

 Oh thank heavens for a winner! I had to redeem myself so I made these snickerdoodles too that I had experimented with previously and liked. They are healthier than most but still not totally healthy :).
 Elisabeth played goalie for the first time ever this past week with her indoor soccer team. She did fine. She was goalie for the first half of the game and there were really only 2 times when the ball even got close enough for her to have to move around in the goal and get it away. So, of course, she said it was boring. But had she been in the goal the week before when the other team was all over us, I'm sure she'd feel differently.
 Scott had quite a few vacation hours he needed to use before the end of the year so he was able to take off the week of Thanksgiving, plus just about every Friday in December and he'll have the week of Christmas off! I've been loving the extra time he's been spending at home! One day, while the three oldest were at school, we walked up to an Indian buffet by our house and had lunch with Nora and Jane...they didn't eat much :).
 Another day Desi watched the two youngest girls in the morning/afternoon (we swap sometimes) and Scott and I went to the temple and then had lunch at a Thai restaurant -- my first time eating at a thai restaurant.  The temple had a beautiful large nativity displayed on their front lawn. Thanks Desi!

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