Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend Traditions

We have lots of traditions in our family. Some occur yearly like detailed celebrations of birthdays and other holidays or visits to see family, some every two years like our Grazzini family reunion, we have traditions that occur a couple of times a year like watching General Conference in October and April (and I want to start the tradition of updating food storage or at least, 72 hr kits at that time). We have monthly and weekly traditions as well like PPI which, essentially, are personal interviews with dad and each child once a month, and Family Home Evening on Mondays. Several of the pictures I took this weekend just happened to show some of our weekly, weekend traditions. Each weekend, Scott and I have a date night. I'd say three out of four are usually in-home date nights because it can be hard to find a babysitter here and we save money that way :). But, we still plan ahead and make our in-home date nights special. We have a favorite spot by our house to get take-out because it's close and it's so yummy and that's what we're eating in this picture: take-out from Jewel House of India and I made a Mango Lassi smoothie to go with it. Yum! I love eating together on dates because it's a great time to visit and enjoy one anothers company. 

Saturdays we get our chores done in the morning, usually we'll get some exercise in as well, sometimes with the whole family on a jog or playing sports. One Saturday morning each month I go to the temple and Scott goes on another Saturday morning. Once chores are done we have some time to relax and play. The kids will play with neighbors, we read or watch a show, 
 we'll go to a park or play sports on a field. Here we are playing flag football, one of Charles' favorites.
 This past weekend we did a babysitting swap. We watched our neighbors kids Saturday so they could go on a date and in a week or two, Scott and I will do the same. Our kids and the neighbors love each other which makes babysitting nice :).
 They play a lot of games and jam on the piano when they're together.

Sunday mornings we always cook a bigger breakfast. Weekday mornings everyone is on their own and people will have granola, toast, eggs, yogurt, green smoothie or whatever else we have around. But Sundays Scott and I will cook pancakes or waffles or something along those lines.
 Pictured here is a pumpkin spice waffle; all whole white wheat of course :). After breakfast we clean up and head to church. Lots of great traditions. They define our family, and make us stronger and happier, which is what good traditions should do.

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