Friday, November 7, 2014

Snugly Nora & End of Fall Soccer

Scott was out of town for three days last week and by the third day Nora had had it. She missed her dad and she wanted some extra love and snuggles. So I let her sit on my hip for a good part of that morning since she needed extra time to warm up, and she mostly snuggled up to my shoulder while I cooked and cleaned etc and then we relaxed on the couch for a bit.
That same morning, she snuggled up to Elisabeth's legs as Elisabeth ate breakfast.
I love that one of Nora's favorite snacks is bell peppers. She particularly loves the red, orange and yellow ones. So I keep some sliced bell peppers in the fridge for her to grab when she's feeling like a snack.

Elisabeth had her last soccer game this past weekend and they won! They only won 3 of there 8 games so it was pretty exciting, though all of their wins were in the last half of the season; they didn't win any of the first four games. Those girls came a long way. Elisabeth scored quite a few goals this season. She scored their first goal of the season which was in the third game. After that she scored in nearly all the remaining games, minus one. One game her team won 5-2, and she scored the first 4! She always takes quite a few more shots than she actually makes, so we're proud of her hard work and dedication.
After the game we walked up to the pavilion near the soccer field we played on and the girls received their medals and we had an ice cream party. I brought several bowls full of toppings that I came up with from our Halloween candy. I was glad to be rid of it!
Now begins Elisabeth's indoor soccer with most of the same girls. It's only 6 weeks I think, no practices, just games once a week and the cost was very minimal, I think $23 for the season.

Annabelle had her last game a couple of weeks ago. Charles decided not to play soccer this year and is waiting to do baseball in the Spring (and possibly basketball in the winter).

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