Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Photos taken by the kids(mostly Jane)

 Each week I find quite a few pictures on my phone and regular cameras, that my children have taken...usually by Jane. Some of them are pretty good, others are just funny, and I like to see what they like to take pictures of: our house through their eyes and at their level, or just things that are important to them. Here are some pictures she went around taking last Sunday after church of family members.

 Annabelle had gotten a hold of Scott's camera so she took the next couple:

 Another day and time, I think this was while we were waiting in the van for the kids to get out of with my book :). I'm currently reading, "French kids eat everything", a really good book with awesome ideas on food and eating habits.
 Our family room,
 a couple pictures of Nora,

 Jane's Frozen duct tape wallet on the cedar chest,
 the Frozen duct tape wallet on the floor with a ball :),
 some selfies,

 Jane's dream light,
 Jane's camelbak waterbottle,
 And our very busy fridge with our pictures and chore charts etc,
And this isn't even all the pictures she took. I think there were about 10 of the Frozen wallet and multiples of others...I think she was trying to have it set up just right, making sure it wasn't blurry, and that the lighting was okay. We might have a little photographer in the making!

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