Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Freezing Temperatures, update on sugar fast, CTR cake

This past week was busy, as usual. I made a CTR (choose the right) cake for our missionaries Zone Conference on Monday; I kept it pretty simple because I didn't have a whole lot of time to decorate.

Elisabeth, Charles and Annabelle all auditioned for our schools musical, Aladdin. At the last minute, Charles was about to pull out (he gets a bit nervous, but I think experience and practice will help with that a little), but I bribed him with dinner-out and it worked :). They all think they did alright. I snapped this picture of Charles doing his audition, through the window.
It got really cold this week. I took this picture of my weather app on Wednesday this week. Brrr!
We got a little snow as well. I took this as I was sitting at our kitchen table eating grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch (leftovers from the night before).

The girls enjoy getting bundled up in their hats, scarves and gloves. They helped me shovel our driveway one afternoon. 

Elisabeth has outgrown her old snowsuit (it's a size 6 and she's 10; but she still used it this week before we got her a new one), so I picked up another at Target. I got size 10-12, partly because of the way the sizes jump, it goes from 6 to 8 to 10-12, and I didn't want to get her 8 because she'd probably out grow it in a year. So we bought the 10-12 which is way too long, but we've just been rolling them under and they seem to work fine. Now she's set for another few years!

When it's snowing outside, or just plain freezing cold, I don't like to go out anywhere. I like to be inside my home cleaning, cooking warm foods, or sitting on the couch with a blanket and a book...and usually in sweats or comfy jeans :). And so I did that a lot this week. The girls and I made 4 loaves of 100% whole wheat bread, plus and additional loaf that we turned into a cinnamon swirl bread. You can find the recipe for that bread here.
For the cinnamon swirl, we just roll out one loafs worth of dough, spread it with butter, sprinkle it with cinnamon and drizzle it with honey and then we roll up the dough into a loaf shape, pinch off the ends, stick it in the pan and allow it to rise and bake. So yummy! And a great, wholesome comfort food!
We've recently discovered an amazingly delicious and chewy, wonderful peanut butter cookie recipe that is made from all whole food ingredients like whole wheat flour and honey and pure maple syrup as the sweetener, no sugar! And in order to get the recipe just right, we had to experiment with it a bit and we ended up making several batches before we got it exactly the way we wanted them. You can find that recipe here.
We actually made several soups this week. Warm soup is really the only thing I feel like eating when it's so cold outside. This is a family favorite, it's a Black Bean Soup that we puree...the kids love that there are no chunks in this soup. You can find that recipe here.

Another night we made street tacos, and we got to use our new tortilla press. Charles loved helping me make tortillas. In fact, when we took him to bed that night, making those tortillas just happened to be one of his favorite things from that day! Maybe we'll start calling him Chef Charles; he has mentioned that he'd one day like to be a Chef and have his own cooking show (perhaps that came from mom watching Chef Brad on occasion).
Nothing quite like a homemade tortilla!
And last but not least, an update on our sugar fast. Scott and I started a sugar fast after Halloween and it'll go until Thanksgiving. We're still having honey and pure maple syrup, but not actual sugar. For a treat this weekend we got these Odwalla fruit smoothies. I love fruit and fruit smoothies, and Scott does too so that works nicely. The kids haven't really been good about their sugar fast. They say they're doing it still, but whenever they're presented with a sugary treat, they almost always take it...though Elisabeth has been a little better. I know she declined a treat or two, but she also had a treat or two :). But that's alright. I mostly just needed the help and support of Scott; we're in this together!

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