Monday, November 17, 2014

Activity Days Mother-Daughter 'Tea' Party

As the first counselor in our Primary Presidency at church, I am also over the Activity Day girls (girls ages 8-11 that meet monthly for an activity where they are learning new skills etc). We've recently had some big changes in primary callings and we're currently without an Activity Days leader but we had planned a Mother-Daughter Tea Party early on in the year and I still really wanted to do it, so with the help of the other primary presidency members, we put it on.

Even though it's called a 'tea party', we don't actually serve any tea, because we're Mormon :). But, we did have cute little tea kettles and cups and got all dressed up in our nice/fancy clothes like you would for a tea party, or at least, how Pinterest portrayed other tea parties :).
Rachel, our just released president, did pretty much all of the decor. She's amazing and she has beautiful decorations for all sorts of party themes. I took lots of pictures so that I can hopefully learn from her.
I created a sign-up genius online page and had all the mother's sign up to bring a finger food which worked out nicely. The categories were sandwich triangles, fruit, savory snack and dessert.
I made the rainbow fruit kabobs.

A small sampling of just some of the foods.

While we ate and mingled, the girls and mothers filled out these questionnaires. Daughters answered questions about their mothers, and mothers about their daughters. They had to do it without discussing any questions or answers with one another. The activity was about an hour and 15 minutes before the end, I read the questions aloud, one for the mothers, they would check their answer, then one for the daughters, until we got through them all.

I had a wonderful time and I think all the mothers and daughters did too. Gigi came with her camera and set up a little spot in the corner to take pictures of moms with their daughters which was so nice. A lot of people helped with food, set up and clean up and more and I'm grateful for them all! The party was a success and not too high maintenance for any one person which was nice. As we were finishing up, a couple of the girls took turns on the piano. When Elisabeth started playing "Let It Go", they all surrounded her and sang along! Loved it!

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