Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Talent Show and other random weekly happenings

Elisabeth has really long hair. It could be hard to manage except that we've found that if we put it in two french braids after she showers at night, which is about 2-3x/week, that fixing her hair the following morning is super easy and fast. All she has to do is take out the elastics and run her fingers through her hair a couple of times.
Elisabeth took some selfies while I braided, so I photo bombed them :).
I think I've mentioned a few times that my kids are in love with Harry Potter. I found free sheet music to Hedwig's theme online, two different versions (one's intermediate, one's more advanced) and printed them off for the kids to learn. Charles recently got down the intermediate piece so I brought him his gryffindor scarf and made a video recording of him took him a couple of months to learn. I wish he would've tried out for the talent show, but he didn't feel like he'd want to perform in front of a large group. He may change his mind later...maybe next year. 

Elisabeth and Annabelle both performed for the talent show and did great!
Annabelle played "I'm a little teapot" . The recording I took at the talent show wasn't great because there was lots of background noise, so instead I'm posting them playing their songs using our piano at home.

Elisabeth wore her hair in a braid like Elsa's and a snowflake on her cheek (face paint) and played "let it go".

The kids brought home some pictures they've been working on in Art. Charles is on the top, Annabelle is bottom left and Elisabeth bottom right. Love them all!

I hadn't been to any baby showers since we moved here over a year ago and then this past month we had three for women that I sing with on Fridays. I couldn't make it to the first shower but I was able to make it to the other two. Love all my singing friends! I won the 'boppie pillow' donut eating contest...we raced to eat a half a donut hanging from a string. I told them I'd only do it if I could have the one of maybe 2 donuts that had maple on it :). I was kidding of course... or was I? :) I am picky about the treats I eat.  

Sunday is my 'put-pictures-on-computer-and-edit-and-blog' day, which can take a couple of hours, so I've actually been trying to put the pictures on Saturday night, while we're watching a movie or playing a game etc, so that it doesn't take so much time Sunday. Anyway, Scott was snapping a bunch of photos with my phone camera while I was editing pictures from my normal camera. Becca, notice the necklace you made me and the bracelet you had your neighbor make for me! Oh, and the dress and brown over thing you passed along to me :). Sisters are the best! 
Elisabeth turned in 15 'smith stars' this weekend for a late-night with mom and dad. We got Zinga Frozen yogurt and watched the BYU football game. Love these pix: 

bunny ears for Elisabeth
 Elisabeth's silly face
 The tables have turned! Bunny ears for dad, so dad defends himself by tickling
 Elisabeth retaliates with a wet kiss, but dad blocks her! 
 Commercials done, games back on, time to be serious. Love the family!

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