Monday, October 27, 2014

October Pack Meeting, Trunk-or-Treat, Fall Leaves

 Charles's October Pack Meeting was last week. He earned 5 silver arrows and had to stick his hand into this box, he couldn't see what was on the other side, but he was told he had to find his ziploc bag of arrows among the 'maggots'. He said the maggots felt like little fuzzy balls.  :) I love how creative our Scout leaders are. And if you couldn't tell from the pictures, this activity was outside; and it was gorgeous so that worked out nice.
The boys had decorated mini pumpkins and squash the week before at their cub meeting so the scout leader drilled holes into each one, where the boys wanted the holes, and then the boys stuck glow sticks in the pumpkins. 
 Once all the pumpkins were ready, the boys got in line and used this wooden sling shot to see how far they could get their pumpkin to fly.

 We've had a lot of leaves fall recently. After school and once homework and piano are completed, one of the favorite activities right now is to rake up a large pile of leaves (usually in the greenbelt right behind our house because there are lots there), and jump into them.

 Loads of fun and good exercise too!

Last Saturday we had our ward Trunk-or-Treat and Halloween dinner. The Primary Presidency was in charge of it so we've spent a lot of time over the past month planning and preparing for this event. We had a chili and dessert cook-off and then we also provided hot dogs and nachos (I know, my kind of food right? :) I made a vegetarian chili that was pretty awesome though!). We gave out glow sticks and fruit snacks at our van; we made the kids choose between which they'd rather have and nearly all of them went for the glow sticks! That made me happy :). I think we'll give them out on Halloween night too, if we're around. We might end up going out to dinner instead, which we've done in the past and the kids enjoy. I only got pictures of the three youngest in their costumes from the trunk-or-treat. Annabelle was Anna (from Frozen), Jane was Elsa and Nora was a pumpkin. Charles and Elisabeth were Harry and Hermione...I'll be sure to get pictures of them this week. 

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