Monday, October 20, 2014

Nora's Potty Training Cont. and 1st haircut

It's been about a month since we started potty training Nora. She continues to do very, very well at home and elsewhere and has had very few accidents. She continues to tell me when she needs to go potty, she likes me to go in with her even though she likes to wipe and get on and off all on her own; I guess she just likes the moral support :).

She's going number 2 in the toilet regularly and we besides the first week when she would hold it in every other day and then go loads, we haven't had any other problems, and now she doesn't hold it in for days either so that's good :). A funny little quirk of hers is that when she has to go pee, she'll say "I need to go potty" while holding it from the front and when she needs to go poop she'll say, "I need to go potty" while holding it from the back :), so I know what she really has to do just by looking at her :).

The only time we have her in a pull-up or diaper is when she goes to sleep for the night, when she is at church (she's in nursery with other kids and leaders for 2 hours each Sunday), and sometimes when she is being babysat, just in case, though she's pretty good about telling others(except when we went to Estes Park a couple of weeks ago and she was outside playing while on babysitter watch and she pooped all down her legs and it was very messy, or so I heard...sorry Patricia, but thank you for taking care!). I don't have her in a pull-up for naps and we've only had one nap accident, and that was the day she couldn't go potty before going down. She wakes up dry from sleeping over night about half of the time so we're still working on that. By 'working on that' I just mean we're experimenting with a couple of things to see if they work for her, like extremely limited liquids after dinner and watching her potty schedule closer to bed time, trying to get her to go just before going down.  Moving along...

Nora and Jane had their first haircuts this week. Jane didn't really need one yet, but since we were giving her younger sister one (hair was very uneven and scraggly), we thought Jane would like to have a trim too. And it really was a very minuscule trim for Jane, like maybe 1/8 inch; you can't even tell the slightest difference. 

Nora, on the other hand, got a couple of inches taken off the back.

A few more random pictures of my girls who are home with me all day. We love to 'walk' on the greenbelt when it's nice out, which is very often. I walk and the girls tend to bike and scooter. 
 Or do frog jumps :).

These are our friends/neighbors, Ruby and Ivy. Desi, their mom, and I switch babysitting every Tuesday morning so we can volunteer at the elementary school. It works out well and the girls love having a scheduled time to play with their friends each week.
 Jane helps me cook on occasion. Especially if it's something she wants, like peanut butter protein balls.

The other day the girls got a hold of my camera and I later found these pictures. It looks like Jane wanted to take some pictures of Nora, and Nora complied for a shot or two and then she wanted a turn...

 ...and it looks like she didn't get that turn :). Sorry Nora.

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