Wednesday, October 1, 2014

LDS Temple, hair and other random pictures

As I went through my pictures Sunday, there was just a whole lot of random and I didn't know how to categorize them into separate posts so I'm not going to do that. Here are random pictures from last week with explanations.

I took this picture of Elisabeth after church one Sunday so we could document her cute side french braid that ended with the fishtail braid. Note to self: next time take picture before church so hairs are all in place :).

Scott got a bunch of dry erase markers from work with magnets attached to the lid. We have a couple on the fridge so the kids can mark their chore charts and I have one on my giant magnetic dry erase calendar, and then Scott had the brilliant idea to stick them in our bathrooms so we could write each other notes on the bathroom mirrors :). Charles asked me to remind him, on his mirror, to fix his hair in the mornings, so I did and then I added a nice note. This is our messy bathroom (and bedroom in the background). Notice my Doterra essential oils on the counter there. I LOVE them! I'll have to do an entire post on them one day.
 The kids had a half day on Friday (we only get four in the school year), so we went with our friends, the Burton's, to an apple orchard where we got apple's, apple cider and apple cider donuts and let the kids pet the horses and watch the chickens. It was fun, but hot! It's Fall now; we're looking forward to cooler days ahead. I can't wait to pull out my boots, jeans and sweatshirts! Heaven!
 I went to the LDS temple Saturday morning which is something I do every month and I LOVE it! I feel so peaceful and happy and it really helps to remind me why we're here and what life's all about. Anyway, so I've been to this temple about 12 times now since we moved here last year and this was my first time making it there without using GPS! :) I'm a bit directionally challenged. But in my defense, GPS has taken me three different ways and each route you take 2-3 different freeways and it's about a 40 minute drive when I go early, early Saturday mornings so it's not like it's in a familiar area that I regularly drive. I, in fact, only go down to that area to go to the temple...and then I like to stop at the Trader Joe's on the way home since that's down there as well; I wish we had one closer!
 Sunday afternoon Elisabeth asked if we could make a treat. We looked at our ingredients and decided to make shortbread cookies even though they're more of a December/Christmas treat. Only three ingredients in these cookies but WOW, they are amazing! (and not good for you! Those three ingredients are white flour, though we used unbromated, brown sugar, and a pound of butter!)
 And my last random picture: Jane and Nora with their braids. Desi watched my girls last week while I went into the school to volunteer and when I came back to pick them up, all the girls hairs were in braids, which was a fun surprise since I've never done Jane's hair in a braid before because I always thought it was too short. Jane was so happy! So you can imagine, she has requested that hairstyle every day since. Thanks Desi :). This is a picture I took later in the week when I did Jane's hair in a braid in the back and put a headband braid on Nora since she has SO many bangs and they're always in her face. But her headband braid didn't stay long. Within a few hours most of the hairs were out...her hair is still so soft and thin it doesn't stay put very well.

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