Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Girl Time, Book of Mormon Basket, and Why we don't buy new furniture

 Scott and I wake up early and exercise each morning, a couple of times a week to Bob Harper dvd's,  and sometimes the kids catch it at the tail end. You can tell Nora has seen us do push-ups with dumbbells before. Pretty good, straight form minus the bum in the air :).

Some mornings, once the kids have gone to school, the girls like me to fix their hair. Jane loves that her hair is finally getting long enough to do some fun hairstyles. We did a french twist for Jane and a french braid in the front for Nora. Pretty, pretty.

I had a $5 coupon for Zinga so one day I told the girls we'd go for a walk to King Soopers (which they'd never done before even though it's not terribly far, maybe 1/2 mile) and then we stopped by Zinga on the way home.
 The girls thought walking to the store was the coolest thing ever! They enjoyed their frozen yogurt too. And I like that they have the three compartment divider insert for the bowls so that we could each share a bowl without really sharing germs...those girls get pretty messy.
 On the way home we stopped at the park in our community for a few minutes.
Completely changing subjects.  Each night before bed, we read scriptures together. Right now we're reading the Book of Mormon. The kids each have their own copy with their name and picture on the cover that we keep in a basket on our end table for convenience and ease in passing them out. I personally like the Book of Mormon basket because it keeps them a little more organized and together rather than finding them strewn all over the couches, floor and end table.

I know that was a totally random thought and picture, and here's another one for you :). Charles wanted to call a friend from school and invite him over to play. He was a bit nervous about making the call, so Elisabeth wrote out a speech for him :). I love the "like to hang out." and the "um" she threw in there to give an approximate time so that it sounded more natural and casual :). I'm pretty sure this is something I would've done when I was a kid too :).

I took some pictures this past week of some of our furniture: couches, foot rest, blanket chest because I had to, yet again, scrub off pen markings on our furniture which didn't completely come off. This foot rest in our family room has lots of pen markings and orange marker on it as well. 

 The couch in that same room has orange faded marker on the arm rest and along the back.
 Our chest that holds our blankets has so many water marks all over it.
 Our living room couches have scratches along one of the arms rests from when one of our young children decided to take fork tines to the leather. Most of these furniture items were bought used (most of the furniture in our house was purchased used) so we didn't spend a whole lot, and we've had most of these items now for years and years, so that's good. They've been well loved and not always well taken care of, but usually the damage is done by someone 3 years of age or younger and we teach them with our words (firm but kind) why we don't do that and why we should take care of our things and the property of others, and then we have them help us clean it up.  So, since they learn to take care of furniture when they're young, maybe once Nora is 3 or 4 we can start replacing some of the older beat up items with some nicer items...we'll see.


Krissy said...

Oh my goodness, that script is the cutest thing. Elisabeth is the sweetest sister. :)

Evaly said...

Love that script! What a cute sister. And your furniture looks just like ours :-)