Monday, October 6, 2014

General Conference Weekend

General Conference was this past weekend. I laminated Conference Bingo cards for the kids last year that I keep in a 'general conference' file, which they used again. I bought 'honest' brand cheerios for them to use as bingo markers (I did not want them loaded on sugar. Cheerios, or any cereal is a HUGE treat at our house). I had also printed out some extra coloring pages from last year that were filed with the bingo cards so conference prep this year was easy peasy :). All I had to do was buy some fun snacks: cheerios, granola bars with chocolate chips(I think it was a kashi brand or something similar), and Annie's fruit snacks (sweetened with fruit juice).

We were able to watch all four sessions, two on Saturday and two on Sunday, though we did miss the first few minutes Saturday as we drove back home from Annabelle's soccer game.
Saturday evening, Charles and Scott went to the priesthood session and ate dinner at Chipotle. While they were out I took the girls to Ann Brown's house for a 'ladies night' in :). Probably about 12-15 women showed up and our kids played while we visited and ate some finger foods we had all brought to share.

The men in our ward had been working on a push-up challenge over the past month and after the priesthood session, some of them came over to our house for a push-up competition. They had to do as many 'man' push-ups as they could in a row without getting up. I love seeing them all in their white shirts and ties, doing push-ups. Priesthood power! :)

Elder Bassett (standing on the right) won and was awarded a Chipotle gift card :). Scott did 55 push-ups and came in third. Good job!
Sunday morning of General Conference we always have a brunch and we invited all four missionaries over from our ward so we had a bigger brunch crowd. We had pumpkin pancakes (made by Scott), German Pancakes and Turkey sausage (made by Elisabeth and Charles), and Green Smoothies and 100% whole wheat and spelt cinnamon rolls (made by me :) and they are AMAZING! You can find the cinnamon roll recipe here.). We waited to have the cinnamon rolls until halfway through the first session of conference, Sunday morning.
Elder Lavaka is from Tonga and Scott was able to get conference up on the laptop for him so he could listen and watch in Tongan.

The missionaries just stayed for the Sunday morning session and then took off. Once they left we went for a walk outside since it was gorgeous and then came back in for the final session. The kids cut out pictures from old Friend magazines during the morning session and then made them into collages during the afternoon session, which is a fun tradition they've done for years.

I could really feel the spirit during conference, even with my five kids and all their noise :). They actually did really well and weren't too loud and we did get Nora, our 2 and 1/2 year old to nap during the afternoon sessions on both days which helped :). I have set a couple of personal and couple/family goals. I love that about conference; that it uplifts and inspires people to become better disciples of Christ.

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