Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Soccer and Date Night with Annabelle

 We told each of the kids that they could pick one sport this year to participate in. Annabelle and Elisabeth chose soccer which started up this past week (Charles wants to do baseball in the Spring). They each had a game on Saturday. Elisabeth is in the age group now where the teams travel so our game was in Boulder. We have to be there thirty minutes early to warm up and with drive time and playing time, we were gone from the house for three hours that morning for Elisabeth's game. The kids were excited to have more time to listen to Harry Potter while we drove, but I'm not gonna lie, three hours on a Saturday for one game is not exactly how I wanted to spend my least we're all together. Nora and I walked around during the soccer warm-ups and we met this crazy white cat that acted like a dog, rolling around on the ground, jumping and running, and it was so social!
We came home for an hour, at lunch, gave Nora a short nap and headed over to Annabelle's game. Hers are all local which is good. This was Annabelle's first soccer game and she did very well. She scored three goals, though they only play three on three and there is no goalie so it was a very high scoring game.
 That night while Scott and the big kids watched the BYU football game (I watched part), Annabelle and I went on a date. We walked up to Zinga frozen yogurt(about a ten-fifteen minute walk) and chit-chatted on our walk and while we ate. I love that she'll still hold hands with me while we walk! :)
 This girl is so fun and social, but all our kids are! I'm grateful for family and for temples that allow us to be sealed together for eternity! Wouldn't want it any other way!

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