Friday, September 5, 2014

Road Trip to Utah: part 2

 Labor Day morning after breakfast we went to Salt Lake City and hiked Ensign Peak with the Wilcox family. We had hiked it once or twice before but this was the Wilcoxes first time. Maren and I were the photographers and we walked around with our phone cameras taking pictures :).

 Ensign Peak is significant because it's where the Mormon pioneers had come and brought the prophet Brigham Young up by wagon or cart because he was bed ridden and sick. Once they got up to this peak and looked around, he knew at once that this was the place the prophet had seen in a vision as to where the Latter-Day-Saints would live without persecution. Of course back then all it was was desert land, but now it's a very developed and prosperous area where many Mormons continue to live.

 I took this picture of the Salt Lake Temple from out my window as we drove by :).
Monday afternoon our family and the Wilcox's went to the Scott's for a BBQ. Kim has been my good friend for years as have her children with our children so it was fun to spend some time together. Alicia Clayton and her husband came by as well so we were able to visit with them. 

 Once the BBQ was done we went back to Wilcox's to pick up the peaches our boys had picked off the tree at our house that morning(our new tenants don't like peaches which seems crazy to me!)  some of which we shared with a couple of neighbors, the others I brought home to freeze, and then we drove to the Ludwigs.
 The kids and dads played soccer for a bit, we ate dinner and then they played kickball while Elisa and I chatted like old times :).

 We stayed with them Monday night and Tuesday morning we got back in the van and headed for home.
 8 hours of Harry Potter on audio book later and we were home! Nora watched a movie during part of the drive and played on the kindle for a bit and slept for awhile, and ate a lot :). Our family tends to eat way too much on road trips; no wonder we feel crappy afterward. We'll figure it out one of these times. I really think we need to get on a schedule with specific times to eat and what we're eating and try not to stray from that too much. If we just ate how we ate at home, and when we ate at home, we'd be fine. But because we're sitting there for hours with nothing to do besides listen to a book, we just snack, and snack and snack.
 Here is one batch of peach slices. I froze several of these sheet cake pan sizes full of peach slices which we'll have for our smoothies. We had a wonderful time in Utah and wished we had a few days longer so we could see more of our friends. We love our friends and neighbors from Utah; they will always hold a special place in our hearts.

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