Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Road Trip to Utah: part 1 of 2

 We had a new tenant move into our Utah home last week, and since the following weekend was Labor Day and my kids would have Monday through Wednesday off of school, we decided to make a trip out to do a walk through with the new tenant and to visit our neighbors for a couple of days. The drive is not bad, only 8 hours one-way which was nothing compared to our East Coast trip this summer which was 30 hours one-way. We got to finish the fifth Harry Potter book on our drive and start the sixth. I am convinced that audio books are the best thing ever invented for road trips, or even ten minute car rides! They make the time go by so fast and it's great for those who have a tendency to get carsick, which several members of our family do!
 We got in after 1130pm Friday night and our friends, the Wilcox Family, had everything set up for us so we could just come in and crash. We stayed with them for three nights and loved being together.
Their son, Ben, turned 5 on Saturday and their family and Charles went to Cowabunga Bay to celebrate (they invited all of us of course, but we decided to hang back at home instead and keep their baby Sarah with us who was a dream!). Oh, and I forgot to mention that Maren and Brian kept it a secret from their boys that we were coming and staying with them so it was fun to see their reaction when we came up from the basement Saturday morning as they were getting Ben's birthday breakfast together :). It was our first time having eggs benedict and we loved it so we're going to have to try it at home some time.
While they were at the water slide park, we visited the Hansen's and on our walk there we talked with a couple other families/friends in the neighborhood. It was fun to see everyone and our kids loved playing with their old friends. That night we had pizza for dinner and Maren made an icecream cake for dessert.
 Here are Annabelle and Nora with Anna.

 Happy Birthday Ben!
 Scott just visiting with friends while wearing a too small BYU helmet :).
 Sunday after church we visited a couple more families from the ward, the Scott's and Madsen's, and Sunday night after we had dinner with the Wilcox family we walked across the street and had dessert with our next door neighbors, the Hague family.
 Sheryl hates having her picture taken so I had to snap one when she wasn't paying attention. Sorry dear, but we love you too much not to have you in our pictures :).

I took so many pictures from our trip because we saw so many people we love that I need to divide this into two posts. I'll post the pictures from our Monday, Labor Day activities soon.

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