Monday, September 15, 2014

Potty training, kid dates and such

About a month ago I thought I'd try potty training Nora since she seemed interested and was talking about being stinky or wet. Well, that lasted for about a day. I had her bare bummed and she had several wet accidents and all the kids were at home with us and it was just too stressful for me. BUT, I think it really helped her recognize in that one day, what it felt like to have pee running down your leg and to start recognizing what it felt like just before it was going to happen. And in fact, at the beginning of the day she would just tell me "potty" as she was peeing, but towards the end of the day she would tell me just before she needed to go, but we never made it to the toilet in time that first day. Fast forward a month later (she is now 28 months) to last week; I decided to give it another shot since the kids are all in school and I can usually be home for several hours during the day most week days. I needed to be able to potty train for a block of time during the day, but not the whole day because I'm still a busy mom who has other things to get done, for instance, I volunteer in all three of my kids school classes, I belong to a singing group that meets each week, I do a Costco run once a week and we have a library day. I try and give ourselves between a two and four hour block when we're home and she can be bottomless, either in the morning or after nap time, sometimes both but rarely with our schedule. I am amazed at what she's accomplished so far. She has been bottomless every day this week with ZERO accidents and she's gone pee in the potty every day sometimes several times a day and SHE TELLS ME WHEN SHE NEEDS TO GO, EVERY TIME! I don't even have to ask her! Wow. She has certainly made this easy for me. When she does need to go, she'll find me and say something like, "Mommy, a potty." And I'll say, "you need to go potty?" She'll respond with a yes and I'll say, "Okay, let's go." We walk to the potty which is the toilet nearest our kitchen, since that's usually where we are during the day, she'll climb up on the stool in front of the toilet and sit on the little blue seat that I've set on top of the toilet for small bums :). We usually sit there for less than a minute, being very quiet and still so we can hear the tinkle :), and so she can be still enough to allow it come out, and then once she goes we'll clap and cheer, wipe, wash hands and then she's goes back to whatever she was doing before. I think she's been the easiest of my five, well maybe she's tied with Charles, he was really easy too; and maybe that's because I waited a little longer, until they were closer to 2 1/2. But it could be for various reasons.

Nora, you're a champ! She even went poo in the toilet last night(day 6 of potty training) after telling us she needed to go(she previously had been waiting until I'd put a diaper on her to go to bed)! I'm hoping in a few days that we can try her in panties and see if she'll still be accident-less, but her diapers are usually wet so I'm worried about her doing the same thing with panties, but we'll see. We'll try night-time training once she's dry for several nights in a row.
Switching gears, here are a couple of pictures from dates with our kids this past weekend. Jane wanted to eat dinner at Chick-Fil-A and get frozen yogurt. So we did. I packed some leftover lentil soup since I am not a fan of fast food and I don't like spending $6 on their puny salads that have meat on them which I don't like. I did get some frozen yogurt though...I can't seem to turn down an opportunity to get a sorbet with mochi(small, soft, rice candy)!

That same night Elisabeth's school choir was singing the Star Spangle Banner for the pregame at the Rapids MLS (soccer) game, so Scott and Elisabeth made it a date night. After the game they grabbed a few things from the store for me and got burgers and fries from Wendys. I think it was Elisabeth's first experience eating out late which was kind of fun for her :).

Yum, this was my greek lentil soup with a homemade wheat roll. But I took it in a thermos when we ate at Chick-Fil-A; this picture was from dinner the night before.

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