Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Summer is almost over

Summer is almost over and school will begin in a week! For the most part, I really like having the kids home from school. They're fun to be around and they've gotten into a good routine of getting chores and piano etc done in the mornings/early afternoon and then in the late afternoon we play for a bit with neighbors or around the house or at parks. BUT, that being said, I am SO looking forward to taking only two children along with me to the grocery store or to run other errands. Shopping with all five is ridiculous; Sweet Nora is crazy all on her own and when you add 4 siblings in who sometimes tease or annoy or don't give her exactly what she wants, she's turns into this high-pitched, very loud screaming mini person. It's enough to make anyone go crazy. See, here we are at Costco, grabbing a few things. Oh yeah, and I have I mentioned she refuses to sit in the shopping carts?

And you can see the 'boss' in these pictures; she's the one with the monkey on her back. It used to be so much simpler when I had just one or even two. If my one child started to throw a fit in public then we just picked up and left immediately. But now that we have five, and three are older and work hard all morning and afternoon to clean and do chores and get things all ready so that we can go out and do a few things later in the afternoon before dad gets home, and then we have this two year old that starts screaming, then what do we do? We don't want to just pick up and leave after all that hard work and time! So we give her whatever she wants in order to make her be quiet so that she doesn't ruin our plans. So I suppose her bad tendencies are our creation.  I'm hoping to get her tantrums under control once the kids are back in school because I'll be able to leave immediately, once again, if she starts acting up in public.

As long as we're not in public places that require you to be mindful of those around you, then we're totally good :). Mostly we're home which is fine, and the park is a great place to hang out too, especially a park that has very few others occupying it's facilities.

See, here's our destroying angel now. While the kids play at the park, Nora and I get a lot of one-on-one time together. I spend most of the time pushing her on the swings and we also like to take selfies with my camera.

 Jane is sure going to miss having Annabelle gone all day. I can't believe we'll have three in school ALL day! Hopefully we can also teach Nora to be a little better at sharing and playing nicely so Jane will continue to have a buddy around.

I'll get a lot more one-on-one time with Jane during Nora's nap which I'm looking forward to. And take a look at Jane's chin.
 Ouch! This picture was taken a week after a grocery store accident (see, public places are bad for our family right now), so it's looking better. Story behind the chin: I was at Safeway with all five of my kids and Jane was skipping around in front of the cart and somehow Charles bumped into her or tripped her or something and she landed smack down on her chin. It was a very hard hit. Poor girl! So I held her while the older kids took turns pushing our cart, which sometimes doesn't work out so well. I think they have a hard time judging space and distance correctly.
 And thank goodness this little firecracker girl still naps because that's the only time of day mom get's a little bit of respite. Happy Summer!

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Julie Wilcox said...

I am in a similar boat with Camden. He use to be the baby but now he isn't and he is letting us know he doesn't like it. His terrible twos are now the terrible threes. I too am looking forward to school starting so he will get some much needed mom time. Good luck Elisa. Hold strong to the scripture "..this too shall pass".