Monday, August 18, 2014

Nora's pix, Outdoor movie

The kids are back to school today! I'll post pictures of their first day back later this week. They're all a little excited to go back, but not very :). I think they'd all homeschool if I let them. We've enjoyed not having to be anywhere at any specific time this summer. We have a greenbelt behind our house and sometimes, after all our chores were done, I'd find a nice shady spot under a large tree and read a book while the kids rode their bikes and scooters along the paths. So peaceful and relaxing!

I found several pictures on my camera this time around with pictures 2 year old Nora took. There were so many pictures of feet: her feet, my feet, Scott's feet, anyone's feet really. I guess feet are common in her picture because she's so short and feet are more at her level.

 When we drive to one of the two libraries in the area we pass by Fred Dr. Fred, this is for you Bro :). And I always think loving and happy thoughts when I pass by :).
 I'm not sure who took this picture and what exactly Jane is trying to portray. Looks like Anna from Frozen with two, 2 lb weights and a stool.

 Our old BYU friends, the Millers, live in the Denver area and came over for dinner and a movie in the park last weekend. We watched the Lego movie which we'd seen before and really liked. I found all of us quoting lines from the movie over the next couple of days.

 Another Nora selfie; this time she got her face in the photo rather than her foot.

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