Monday, August 11, 2014

Fun times

This first picture is from our anniversary dinner. We ate at BJ's which was a first for us. We got a huge sampler that had some very tasty items on it(avocado egg rolls, spinach artichoke dip etc), we shared a meatless cobb salad and pizookies for dessert, cookie with ice cream on top, which was pretty much the whole reason why we wanted to try this place :). We enjoyed it though it was a bit loud and since, excepting nap time, our house is always loud, we generally like to have dinner dates with a quieter atmosphere. That being said, it'd be a great place to take the kids!

One day last week we went with our friends the Burtons to play miniature golf; the original plan was to go bowling, you get a lane for 99 cents during the week, but there was an hour wait and golf was cheap too so we went for it. The lighting was fun, though it made it a bit tricky to see your ball or your club if you laid it down, which Nora did several times :).

The weather has been beautiful the last couple of weeks with highs in the low eighties or high seventies, so we've spent a lot of time outside. I like to park a chair under the shade of our front yard tree and watch the kids play. I asked Jane to show me a happy face:
And then an excited face:
A mad face:
And a sad face. Her mad and sad still looked pretty happy to me, and whenever I asked her to do another sad face she'd do this flowing things with her arms and hands. Charles said she was copying something from their Bella Ballet movie...I guess they were showing expressions and moods with their bodies through dance and Jane was trying to copy :).

Annabelle came out in Cinderella slippers, a Merida dress (movie Brave), and a princess cape,  and rode her bike and scooter for a few minutes.
These kids sure add a some fun and spice to life :)!

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