Sunday, August 3, 2014

Family History, children can index too!

Alright so 6 year old Annabelle is not indexing in this picture, she's a little young (2 year old Nora snapped this picture with my camera...pretty good!), but...

10 year old Elisabeth is indexing in this picture and she did several batches one Sunday afternoon. I think this will be a great Sunday activity for our older kids. She thought it was cool that she did names for several women named, 'Elisabeth' and they were even spelled with an 'S' just like her name (it is also the biblical way of spelling it)
Here is Charles, speaker phone on, playing a little tune for Grandpa Garnica in Seattle. Grandpa Garnica loves to have the kids play piano for him and so we do this fairly often.
We had our traditional Grazzini Family reunion last month, and even though we were unable to attend this year, my Mom sent me a copy of the book she wrote about my Grandpa Grazzini(passed away about 20 years ago) that she handed out to all her siblings and their children. The illustrations were done by my cousin Jack who is an amazing artist and works for Pixar.
What a treasure for our family! And at the end is a cd with songs Grandpa played and recorded on the piano(and he sang along to quite a few), and each song goes to a short personal story/experience on each page of the book.
Thank you so much to all mom, Jack, Jolene and Robin and any other family members who were involved in creating this special book that contains some of our family history!
And just for fun, but not related to family history, here is our little Nora, helping Mom make our typical breakfast: green smoothie! Thanks girl! I think we have a miniature green smoothie enthusiast in the making!

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