Monday, August 25, 2014

Disney Frozen Cake

 I did another Disney Frozen cake this past week for a friend of ours. Click here to see the one I did for Annabelle's birthday last year(and there's a picture tutorial).

 The Frozen characters came from the Disney store and that icicle on the top tier was a ornament from my Christmas tree that I stuck on a kabob stick with hot glue. It's all done in butter cream icing, the top tier is 6 inches and the bottom 9. I'd always wanted to do a cake covered in roses or rosettes because it looks so elegant, and I've always wanted to do a cake that was several shades of one color so this one was fun for me to experiment with! I used one cup icing for each shade of blue and I used the color electric blue from Ameri colors to color them all. In one cup I put 1 drop of color, in another 3 drops and in the last 6 drops. I really liked the way it all turned out.

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Jason Underwood said...

That cake is so beautiful that I thought it’s a wedding cake. You did a great job with it. I'm sure your friend loved it. How long did it take you finish it? I hope you could share us some of your tricks in decorating cakes. Have a great day!

Jason Underwood @ La Patisserie