Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Yoga and Sunday Breakfast

 Our family enjoys exercising and several times a week we follow an exercise program on the tv screen. We have several exercise dvd's that we own, plus we check others out from the library and we get exercise channels on our Roku device (The Roku is a box that allows you to have internet channels on your TV). I love the picture above of Elisabeth in Child's Pose and Nora looks like she's dong some sort of twisting half moon pose or something :).
 Sunday mornings we almost always cook a breakfast for the family before going to church. Other days of the week the family is kind of on their own for breakfast, sometimes scrambled eggs, sometimes toast, sometimes granola, and I always have a green smoothie and will share it with a few.  Scott and I have been adding frozen blueberries to the batter once we've made plain pancakes or waffles for the kids. We love blueberry waffles and pancakes! Then you can top it with a little natural peanut butter, sliced strawberries and bananas and it's perfect!

 And this particular Sunday, Elisabeth and her friend/neighbor Emily sang a duet, 'Gethsemane" during sacrament meeting which was beautiful!

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