Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Teeth, Honey and Cafe Rio

Annabelle has recently lost her two front teeth. It's awesome to hear her talk and listen to her try and pronounce her 's's! The Tooth Fairy, once again, forgot to leave some money under the pillow but no worries, I told Annabelle the Tooth Fairy left it in mom's purse for safe keeping because she was afraid it would get lost when she saw how often Annabelle moved and rolled in her sleep.
Elisabeth's good friend Emily L has bees at her house and their family just harvested their first batch of honey. We were the very lucky recipients of a jar of their raw, local honey! I buy a big 60 lb container of raw, local honey each year and we go through it all so we know what blessed goodness is contained in this little jar and will use it with a grateful heart. Thank you!

 And last but most definitely not least, we have a Café Rio that just opened up about ten minutes away! We have a few others in Colorado but the closest one was about a 40 minute drive. We went during opening week because Desi gave us a '2 free meals' coupon that had to be used on a specific day. It was packed! I waited in line about 20 minutes, but  it was so worth it! I love Café Rio, it's pretty much my favorite place to eat. And I almost always get the same thing, a veggie salad. After typing it, it doesn't sound that great but it is AMAZING! Every ingredient in that salad from black beans, to whole wheat tortilla to rice and salsa and dressing is perfection itself. Oh, and kids six and under get free quesadillas so that's pretty awesome too. I can see myself going on a lunch date once a month with the youngest two when the older kids are back in school.

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