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Road Trip Part 3 of 3: The Beach

While we were at the beach, a few of my kids had a fever for less than a day and they were tired too; those were about the only symptoms. It was strange. One morning we went out to the beach and while there Jane didn't seem herself. She played in the sand for a few minutes but then she was done. And she just sat by me in a chair and seemed very tired.  Though now looking back, I'm wondering if they all had some heat exhaustion. I know Elisabeth did(bad headache, went to bed early, at that point realized what happened and brought her a water bottle and told her to drink. She did, nearly finished it, and by morning she was better). They were out playing in the water nearly all day some days and I'm sure they forgot to drink and I didn't think to remind them.

Annabelle and Anna playing in the sand.
We had a pool at the house we stayed in but 4-5 days we still went to the beach; we usually went over from around 9am-lunch. We'd come home, eat, put babies down for naps and the kids would go out and swim again and the adults would take turns being the lifeguards.

And sometimes we'd get in and swim with them.

Quite a few mornings after breakfast the kids(and sometimes adults) would do the Wii Just Dance 3 for exercise :)
Whoops! I guess Scott didn't want me documenting/videoing his dance moves! I did get some good video footage too but I think we'll save that for the eyes of family only :). Love you dear!

Corolla Beach is kinda far away from almost everything besides one grocery store and a couple fast food places, even getting to church took almost an hour! So we set aside one day to make a trip out and do several things...the first was actually pretty close. The kids and I have never been to a lighthouse before and so we went up the Currituck lighthouse.

What a beautiful view!

Next we went to the Wright Brothers Monument and museum in Kill Devil.
Jenn, Anthony, Annabelle and I hiked up in the heat to the monument. I promised Annabelle that if she could make it up by herself that I would carry her down on my back :). It was REALLY hot and humid so I was grateful she made it up on her own.
This is where they pushed off their plane and went down the hill for their first flights.

This is baby Ruth, the youngest grandchild on the Smith side. I thought she looked like myself and Annabelle with her fair skin and blue eyes, don't you think? :)
Since 5-month Ruth was the only baby in the house (though I actually consider Nora to be a baby too, and I guess that means Holden too but they're a little more independent...meaning they can walk), we took turns holding her and rocking her and putting her to sleep. I love babies; but it was a good reminder of how much work they are! Krissy, I promise you'll get more sleep soon!
Jane was so stinkin' cute trying to do the Wii dance moves!

My top three favorite things about our beach road trip were 1.) spending time with family 2.)seeing Nauvoo and Carthage and 3.) going for a morning jog along the beach each morning, and usually with Scott. Since Nora slept in our room and would usually start to stir about the same time Scott and I were headed out for our job (630am or so), I would go grab Elisabeth from her room and she would come lay down with Nora until we got home. Sometimes she'd grab her kindle and let her watch part of Frozen, and other times we'd come home and she had given her breakfast and they were just playing. It is SO nice having older kids that can help the younger ones, and it was nice to stay in a home with lots of other adults so that we were able to go on a jog together each morning and not worry about kids safety etc.
Nora and Holden became friends and would partners in crime :).  They liked doing this like dumping out Holden's bottle into a cup and then onto the carpet. But they're so stinkin' cute we went easy on them :).
While there I experienced another first (after visiting a lighthouse), and that was being in a hurricane. Hurricane Arthur to be exact. We got a lot of wind and rain in the middle of the night and in the morning but where we were there wasn't too much flooding. About 20 minutes down the road there was more flooding that went over the roads but they got it cleaned up pretty fast.
Grandpa Smith was recovering from his open heart surgery but we were still so glad he came. He's got a fun and loving personality that is contagious. And the kids liked snuggling up with him on occasion (very carefully, of course).

Some more pictures from the beach:

Some family pictures:


And then we were off for home. The first day we drove 8 hours (left Corolla around noon) and stayed in Charleston, VA in a hotel that had a HUGE breakfast: your typical hot breakfast items like Belgian waffles, eggs and meat, plus gravy and biscuits, an omelet bar made to order, cereal, fruits etc. We ate a lot :). The next day we drove 11 hours to Kansas City, KS where we stayed with our BYU friends Cameron(he worked w/Scott in the engineering building..can't remember what the job position was called right now) and Lori and their kids. We had never known them with kids and now they have three! A lot of time has passed! It was so good to see them again and visit for awhile, they are such good parents, and I'm ticked I didn't remember to get a picture!

 The long drives for those six days really weren't bad at all, well except maybe on Sunday...we won't drive on Sunday again. Why? Because we knew we weren't going to make it to church which was a big bummer so instead we brought a few church movies (not enough!!! should have brought more!) and we listened to an old general conference for a little bit, but the kids, without their Harry Potter audio cds, got into more disagreements and annoyed each other more and whined more than at any time which was hard on everyone. So even though we tried to make that Sunday a day that was different and set apart as a Sabbath day, it didn't work and we had more feelings of frustration. But we're not willing to give up our Sabbath worship so yeah, next time, no Sunday travels. But really, overall, 56 hours of driving in 12 days, so basically 6 days of driving and 6 days of not, they did fabulous! And no one threw up this time! I blame that on the audio books, they were amazing. Jim Dale who is the narrator for the Harry Potter audio books, is AMAZING! Anyway, and because they did so well we're already thinking about where we're going to go next! (though I don't know we'll do such a big trip like this for a long time).

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