Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Road Trip Part 2 of 3: Raleigh and Elisabeth's Birthday

 From Indianapolis we drove to Raleigh which was ten hours. We had originally planned to drive straight to the Beach in the Outerbanks of North Carolina, but early on that week Scott's dad, whose name is also Scott, had a heart attack and the doctors cut open his sternum in order to do a bypass surgery. We wanted to see him while he was in the hospital so Saturday morning Scott, Charles and I went over and visited Grandpa Scott in at the Duke Hospital. (Elisabeth wanted to go too but space was really limited in Grandpa's room and it being our first day in NC with grandparents the kids hadn't seen in awhile, I wanted her there to help Grandma...Elisabeth is very responsible and is like a second mom to our young girls.

 I was surprised when they brought him his lunch and it had a poppyseed muffin on it with frosting on top! I couldn't hold my tongue and told him not to eat it :). Seriously though, what the heck?! We are what we eat and he just had a heart attack for heaven's sake and they are bringing him refined sugar and Crisco? Oh boy. I think once the kids are in school I may need to get a second degree in health/nutrition and be a contributor.
 Grandpa Scott wasn't going to be released until Tuesday and then would meet us at the beach Wednesday (Grandma Angela came with us to the beach and went back Monday night to get Scott) so we headed for the beach Saturday late afternoon. It was about a 4 1/2 hour drive so we made it there around 730pm. We rented a house in Corolla about 2 blocks away from the beach.

 The house had 7 bedrooms and we had about 20 people in the house with 5 families. Each adult couple had a bedroom and then we had a boy bedroom for Charles and Anthony and a girl bedroom for Elisabeth, Jane, Annabelle and Anna. It worked out pretty well. Nora slept with Scott and I, we just put her twin mattress on the floor.

 Sunday was Elisabeth's birthday and she special requested Nutella cookies. We had those after church (which was about an hour drive into Nags head w/traffic), and then we went for a walk on the beach and gathered some seashells.

 These sand crabs were everywhere in the morning and at night!

 Tiny footprints in the sand.
We waded our feet in the water and it was perfectly warm! The kids haven't had much experience with beaches and Elisabeth said, 'the sand feels like heaven!' Happy Birthday sweet girl!

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