Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Nora and friends

Where did the chips go? In the bottom of the bag, but Nora had a hard time figuring that out because her hand kept going through the hole in the plastic screen of the bag and she'd move her hand around on the table saying, "All gone."
I think with each child our level of what is acceptable has gone done a bit, or at least, we don't stress over seemingly unimportant things too much and we've learned to just 'let it go' :). For example, the other morning I walked into the kitchen and the kids were eating breakfast. Annabelle said, "Mom, Nora is eating grated cheese out of the bag and she won't stop." My response was, "Okay." And that was that.

Our good friends and neighbors the McNabs moved out of their home this past week...they're not moving far but it'll be different not having them in the neighborhood. Annabelle and Kylie are good friends as are Charles and Wyatt. They will be missed.

The day after we got back from our roadtrip our friends the Taylors came to stay with us for a night. We loved having them over! I hadn't seen Shayla for a few years. We were college roommates at BYU our freshmen and sophomore years after which time I married Scott. Their family now lives in California where her hubby works for Apple so they will probably be there for a long time. We'll have to go pay them a visit and do the California sites; Scott has never been, or the kids, so it would be a fun trip.

Thanks Shayla, Quinn, Ellie, William, and Amelia for stopping by! We loved having you with us!

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