Wednesday, July 2, 2014

BYU Alumni Mile High Cougar Run

 BYU Alumni put on a 5k run and a couple of free kids races near the Denver temple, in Highlands Ranch. The 5k run was $15 per individual and Scott did that one (I would have too but someone needed to watch the kids :)). Our four oldest did the free kids races, and all seven of us got t-shirts! Sweet! Thanks BYU Alumni! Now we have matchy-matchy shirts for when we go on our vacations, it'll help us not lose anybody :).
 Scott's 5k started a little after 9am. The first one through the finish line (a male) came in at 15 minutes! Holy Hannah! I wish! That's amazing! Scott came in at 31 minutes which is great especially considering he really doesn't run 3 miles ever. And that was with a quick bathroom stop! Good job honey!
 Charles jumped in with Scott at the very last part of his race and ran through the finish with him :).

 The kids races were divided into three age groups: 5 and under, 6 & 7, and 8-10. They raced youngest to oldest and Jane's race started around 10am. All the kids did really well. It was fun to watch Jane, she is so small and yet can run SO fast!
 She came in fourth, with all those big boys! Nice running Jane!
 See, both of her feet are off the ground and the little hair that she has is flying in the wind!
 Here is Annabelle, waiting for the 'go!'.
 She did great and ran the whole time which (a lap around the elementary school) which surprised me; she's normally not much of a runner.

 Elisabeth and Charles ran together.

 Those kids were fast!
 Elisabeth and another girl ran in at the same time (Elisabeth says they were the first girls in but I'm pretty sure there was one other girl that came in ahead of them).
 After their race Scott said to me, "I think Charles has inherited your non-competitive gene" :). I like to exercise and jog and even participate in races occasionally but it's more for the experience and to get some exercise; I love being active! But in my defense, I do like to challenge myself and see if I can go harder and longer when it comes to fitness, but I'm not out trying to beat anybody. And so Charles jogged the whole time but really wasn't trying to prove anything, but he enjoyed it and even asked if we could do it again next year as soon as it was done.

Afterward we stopped by Café Rio for lunch since we don't have one really close to us right now and it's been a favorite for years.

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Vanessa said...

Looks like fun! I loved BYU and think of it often.