Monday, July 21, 2014

Beautiful Creations and Harry Potter Obsessions

 The other day we saw this beautiful rainbow out our back window. Scott and I opened the back door and stepped outside so we could more fully take in it's beauty and magnificence. God has created a beautiful world for us to enjoy!
 And he has helped us create these beauties! Well, we created half of these beauties. The other half belong to Desi and Mike :). They're watching a movie and eating popcorn after they played for a bit while their parents were on a date.

 All our children have been blessed with bodies that are healthy and strong. We've taught them over the years to take care of their bodies and to treat them with respect since they house their spirits. They've done a good job and through hard work have kept them in good condition and made them even stronger and more flexible. Here are Elisabeth and Charles doing a "couple yoga pose" that Scott and I learned during one of our in-home dates nights and taught them.
Crash landing :)!
 I was photographing their yoga poses until Jane stole the camera. I told her she could take one picture of something she loves. And she choose me! Thank you Jane! :)
Scott is SO close to being able to touch his toes! He'll get it.
 Wow, and then for these girls it's just plain easy.
 And switching gears, have I mentioned that Elisabeth has read all 7 Harry Potter books, that as a family, we've listened to the first 4 Harry Potter audio books and watched the first three movies (Once Elisabeth finished reading all 7 we allowed her to watch all the movies but only with me and Scott so that we could fast forward any scary or questionable parts and talk about things). My kids live and breathe Harry Potter right now. Really, they do. After they're done with their chores in the morning they put on their Harry Potter robes and scarves (I crotched those scarves about 7 years ago... two of the four things I've ever crotched, all of which are scarves :)), and actually, I take that back, Charles put them on before chores were completed the other day and then did his chores in them, but I told him he wasn't to do that again because it took FOREVER to get his chores done since every time he saw a sibling he'd yell a curse like "Stupify!" or "impedimento" or "expelliarmus!" They are banned from saying the killing curse; if they do they lose their wands and robes for the day.
 They quote the books all throughout the day and are continually make-believe playing, Harry Potter. If I had to come up with three words to describe the use of our time this summer they would be 1.) Family 2.) Swimming and 3.) Harry Potter
 Love this picture! Harry and Hermoine shouting, "Expelliarmus!"

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