Monday, June 9, 2014

When Scott's at work

When the kids are home from school I don't really have time to do anything besides cook, clean and be with them involved with their activities. I need to find more of a balance though because this past week I stayed up probably thirty minutes past Scott several nights working on lessons for church and other calling stuff which I did not like and neither did he. We like to go to bed together every night that way we have time to visit and read together etc. So I'm going to need to come up with something a little different. An hour each day, sometime during the day would be ideal but even thirty minutes of time to read and work on lessons would be great. I think I'll try and do it while Nora is napping because that's when I did it when kids were in school. I'll just need to sit down with the kids and let them know so they aren't constantly interrupting my thoughts...they're supposed to be reading and doing other quiet things anyway so it should work, it just hasn't so far hence 'the talk' that needs to take place. Here are some pictures I've captured from this past week of things we've been doing while Scott's at work.

We had our library summer reading kick-off and we went to a couple of different libraries and signed up. At one of the libraries the kids got library reusable bags and when we got home we decided to paint them.

Poor Charles doesn't have a brother but rather 4 sisters so we try and do things throughout the day that are fun for him, like legos and blocks, sports etc. Sports are especially good because he has a lot of energy!

The girls had a couple of friends over last week; they are sisters and were in Elisabeth and Annabelle's school class, and the older sister, Emily, is one of Elisabeth's bffs. They played in the sprinkler, played board games, ate homemade whole wheat cinnamon swirl bread and juice pops!

We have a pool in our neighborhood as a part of our community so we go there nearly every day. My kids are becoming little fish.  I don't have many pictures because I am on very strict watching duty while I'm there and don't even keep my phone near me for fear of distraction but I had the little girls get out with me, get my phone so we could quickly snap this pic of Jane, who has gotten quite comfortable in her lifejacket, and then they got out and walked back with me to my purse to put it away.

We have a membership to the WOW (world of wonders) museum so we went there one day last week. I imagine we'll go once a week during the summer when it's either too hot or too stormy.

 And here is Nora, helping me lick the spoon clean after making our almond protein bars which are amazing and which recipe you can find on my realfoodsmom blog here.

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Heidi Horne said...

LOVE that you guys have a POOL!! I would be there every day! How fun! And good for you for not having your phone out so as to not be distracted.
Also, I'm going to make those protien bars!! Yum!