Friday, June 6, 2014

Summer schedule

Summer is here, well, summer is almost here but school is out so it's basically summer. And it's in the 80's most days so that makes it feel even more like summer. I love having the kids home and I love having a break from all the 'driving to and from' and the business of the school year, so I don't sign them up for much. We are doing swim lessons this summer, but that's mostly for their safety, and we'll continue with piano and that's it! That being said, even though I like our schedule to be simplified and less busy, we still stick to a schedule because I like to be organized and I like for us to all be on board as to what is expected and what we should be getting done each day (and I hate hearing, "I'm bored!" so schedules help).  I made up a little summer schedule and printed it off and we keep it in a clear plastic sheet on the fridge so the kids can refer to it often.
Each day they're to get their 'chores' done first before they play, so piano, tidying rooms, unloading dishwasher etc. During nap time the kids have 30 minutes of reading and then they can do quiet activities like puzzles, writing or drawing etc.

Sometimes Nora falls asleep before we make it to the crib. I took this picture after she had fallen asleep in the van, I brought her in to change her diaper, she stayed asleep, and then I moved her to her crib.

Charles and Elisabeth love to help in the kitchen, well they all do, but I am giving the older two children more responsibilities in the kitchen. They already know how to scramble eggs and do toast and make sandwiches and simple things like that, Elisabeth can even do german pancakes on her own, and so I told them this summer they can learn how to make some more foods. Charles LOVES granola and I make it almost every week so I'm sure he'll have this one down soon.

Elisabeth helped me make her favorite whole wheat, coconut sugar sweetened peanut butter cookies. I'm going to teach her how to make whole wheat bread this week because that's another family favorite. Pretty soon these kids will be gourmet chefs! Charles loves to watch Chef Brad with me on BYUtv and says he wants to have his own cooking show when he's older called, Chef Charles. I would love to have so many awesome cooks in the family sharing the love!
It's no secret that I like to exercise and I do it every day, so my kids like to join in when they're out of school. While I was in the kitchen cooking one afternoon Charles asked if he could turn on Tae Bo. Jane stood by holding her Eyore and sucking her fingers and would give a little kick every now and again. :)
They also of course will have lots of time to just run around outside, ride bikes, play soccer in the backyard and swim at the pool with friends.

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