Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Lovin'

 I love summer break. I love that I don't have to dash anyone anywhere, except for piano on Thursdays. Besides that we are free to do as we please! Our mornings are lazier than when we're in school, that's for sure, though I still try and get up early most mornings to read and exercise so that I can be ready for the chaos when the chaotic wake up! :) Just kidding, they're not really chaotic, life is just much more busy when you add 5 kids to the mix and I LOVE it! Several mornings a week the kids jump into my bed if I'm still reading in there or exercising in my room and they snuggle up in our sheets.

We still have a bit of a schedule which I mentioned before, but we usually get all our 'chore' type stuff done by 2pm and then we have a few hours before Scott gets home from work so we play! We go to the library once a week to check things out and bring our other ones back. I love the library. Really I do. I use it SO much, we all do. Audio books are lifesavers for car rides (don't like to do dvds too much in cars b/c there is no room for imagination), huge selection of movies for our family movie nights and loads of books for every day use! Elisabeth is just finishing the Percy Jackson series and we're going to bring those audio books, along with Harry Potter, on our epic road trip this week(and actually we leave the morning that this blog is posted at 3am; 3,838 miles, 58 hours, 11 states and all with 5 children in a stuffed full minivan!).  Some afternoons we hang at home and play with neighbors. Some afternoons we go swim at our community pool or go to the WOW museum which are pictured here.

 Some afternoons the library has cool presentations. Last weeks they had a cool one on 'motion'.

And this little lady adds some spice in our life! She's learning to dress herself and likes to express a lot of independence in all areas of life. She is so BUSY, I am grateful she still takes naps each day so I can have a few minutes of a little more relaxation and peace. :)

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