Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Last week of school!

The kids are now officially done with the school year! Hooray! I'm excited to spend more time at home with them and not have to be running kids here and there every day. They'll start swim lessons soon but that's at our community pool so we can walk there and that's about all we're signing up for this summer! "Ah", that's me exhaling a breath of relief.

Here are some pictures of happenings during the last week of school, which was crazy busy. The kids each brought their teacher a Jamba Juice gift card that said, "Thanks for sparking my creative 'juices' this year!' and with a hand written note from them (except Charles because he wasn't in the mood to write one and I wasn't in the mood to creatively think of a positive way to persuade him). And no, I wasn't creative; the Jamba Juice line was something we copied from Pinterest :).

A few days before school was out the kids had field day. I wasn't able to attend because I was singing at an assisted living center but my neighbor and friend Desi went and snapped a couple of pictures for me. Here is Elisabeth with Emily and Tammy, her BFF's.
The day before school was out Elisabeth had a field trip at 4 Mile Historic Park in Denver and I was able to go along (Thank you a million to Ann for watching Jane and Nora and to Desi for picking up Annabelle after kindergarten and watching her for a couple of hours until I got back!). We had gone to this park with the kids and some friends a couple of months before but because it was still Winter nothing was really up and going. This time was so different and there were so many fun things to do.

The kids made butter and had a tug-o-war.

Girls vs. Boys...that older gentleman tried to help the girls and play a trick on the boys by quietly advising the girls to pull hard and then let go :).
And we did some stilt-type walking. This is actually much harder than it looks, believe me, I tried :). Yes, I'm that mom.
They got to try on some of the attire of the early Colorado pioneers. Here is Elisabeth with her bestie Emily(don't they look alike!? Everyone always confuses the two of them), and Tammy is close by too(the other bff). The three were inseparable the entire trip. Anytime one of them took a few steps in one direction, the other two would just gravitate. It was cute, and sweet :). I love all those girls.

They also pulled a handcart and panned for gold.

While we were at the historic park, Scott came by the school for a few minutes to be there when Charles received his 'kindness' award. Good job Charles! He really is so sweet and kind and always takes special care and interest in those who suffer with disabilities.
After the field trip I picked up my girls and went back to the school to be there when Elisabeth received her awards. She received the 'academic' award and then also received a recognition-type award for being a student leader and for participating in the science fair.

The next morning Annabelle had a kindergarten breakfast; families were invited, the kinders sang a couple of songs and received a kindergarten diploma sheet and then ate the sack breakfasts their parents packed and played at the park.

Here is Annabelle with her teacher, Ms Pollard.
Annabelle with her good friend Alexis.

Whew! The last couple weeks of school is always exhaustingly busy but we made it!

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