Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How to Eat Right in the Real World

 Scott and I have a date night every week, usually Friday night, and probably two of those are in-home date nights where we get take-out or do a movie once we put the younger two to bed (w/strict instructions to the older ones that if they are being loud or if they come out and interrupt our dates they will go to bed too), and the other two weekends we actually get a babysitter and go out. We have a couple of girls from church that we use regularly as babysitters. This past Saturday Scott and I went on a date at an odd time, from 930am-1pm because Green Smoothie Girl, Robyn Openshaw, was in town on a speaking tour and though I've been to probably six of her 'green smoothie' classes before, this was a new one, 'how to eat right in the real world', and Scott has never been and even though I always download lots of info when I get home, it's not the same so he was able to come with me and meet Robyn and listen in.
 Because I am a big fan of Robyn and have been to so many of her classes, even though she usually has a couple hundred in attendance, she knows who I am. So we visited for a minute before class. She really is amazing! Her class was awesome! She talked about The China Study (fabulous book and the most comprehensive study on health/nutrition ever done), about whole foods and why we should eat them, and other factors in life that help us to be healthy and happy.
We were going to meet our friends the Ashby's there but their babysitter fell through and they couldn't make it, but they invited us over for shakes that night so we still got to hang out. Well, and I should say, our families had shakes but Mine and I had these amazingly delicious and refreshing Mango Banana smoothies. I'll have to post that recipe on my food blog with exact measurements once I make it again, but basically it was water(1/2-1c), a little orange juice(1/4 c), frozen mango(1-2c), a banana, vanilla extract and ice.

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I'm so bad at checking in but always love seeing what you guys are up to!