Monday, June 30, 2014

Elisabeth is TEN!!!

 Yep, and she's still riding on the quarter machines :)! Not really usually :), but we were on her birthday date night and after we bought a couple of things at the store she jumped on and thought it was pretty hilarious!

And then we went out for some frozen yogurt.
 Since we we're in North Carolina over Elisabeth's birthday, she asked if she could have her two best friends from school over one night before we left to swim in our pool and have some homemade pizza and cinnamon rolls. So that's what we did. The kids helped some; they loved cutting the cinnamon rolls with floss!
 Here are Elisabeth, Tammy and Emily. We bought some flip flops and water balloons from the dollar tree and the girls each made a pair of water balloon flipflops that they wore when we walked over to the pool.
 Emily's younger sister Kimmy is good friends with Annabelle so when they came to drop Emily off we invited Kimmy to stay.
 I can't believe we have a ten year old! Two more years and she'll be babysitting! Hooray!

 She specifically asked for BYU clothes so she got a couple of items. She also go the dress above and a towel from granny, money from grandparents which she used to buy a rainbow loom and we got her the piano music for Disney's Frozen movie.
Elisabeth you are definitely a bright spot in our lives. You amaze us with your talents and your determination to learn new skills. You are dedicated, diligent, honest, compassionate, musical, smart, lovely and just all around wonderful in every way! We love you Elisabeth! Happy Birthday!

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