Monday, June 16, 2014

Cub camp, date night & Father's Day

 Here are a few random pictures of things we've done throughout the past week. Once or twice a week I take the kids to our rec center where they have an outdoor playground and paved track that goes around the soccer fields. I run while pushing Jane and Nora in the stroller and the older kids bike. It's a good way to get in some exercise for all of us, and afterward we stop at the playground for 10 minutes.
 One night last week Scott and a friend from church, Robert, took Elisabeth and Charles to the Rockies baseball game. They were playing the Braves which is Scott's favorite team. While they were there I took the girls to Coldstone and then we went to my relief society activity which was a walk around a park; kids were invited which was perfect.
 Charles attended his first cub camp this past week. He enjoyed doing all the activities though because they spent most of their time outdoors his allergies were really giving him a hard time; one day I even went to pick him up a few hours early after he called saying his eyes were stinging a lot and he'd been in the bathroom for awhile trying to flush them out. Poor Charles. I'm going to try and see if there is an essential oil mixture I can come up with or something similar that will help.

For our date night this past weekend Scott and I made butterscotch brownies (we ate one and saved the rest to share with my Marriage and Family relations class on Sunday & for our Father's Day treat), and then we pulled out the art books I had gotten for the kids from the library and we sketched some pictures and visited. It was such a nice, pleasant and peaceful evening; I sure love that man!

Father's Day morning we made blueberry pancakes and bacon and opened gifts.

Elisabeth and Charles, each on their own, made a coupon book for dad. I loved it because he redeemed two of his coupons that very morning which meant Elisabeth cleared the breakfast table of everything and Charles made our bed! Thanks guys!
I am so grateful to Scott for being such a good husband and father. He has always worked hard and been a good provider for our family. He has always been such a great example of a follower of Jesus Christ, someone who loves and serves those around him, especially us! I am grateful for Scott's dad for, first of all, deciding to become a father which is the most selfless role one could take on, and then working hard to raise great children. I am grateful for my father who worked 2-3 jobs as we grew up, to provide for our needs. He, along with my mother, taught us the importance of working hard to be successful through their example and word. Happy Father's Day!

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