Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Washington Family Reunion: Part 2 of 3

We took the kids to parks and on hikes, we ate out a few of our favorite places (Mongolian grill, country buffet...well that's my dad's favorite). Becca did some hair cuts, and she taught Robin how to trim a girls hair, which was also a good refresher for me. The boys went to a Mariners game Friday night.
On Saturday, Pepa's birthday, we went to our brother Michael's house for a BBQ('ish', take-out BBQ I suppose) and we got to meet their new baby, Michael Luis, and spend time with Zachary and Joshua and Heather. We love spending time with the family. The kids jammed on the grand piano for awhile.
Luis with baby Michael Luis.
They moved into this house last year so this was our first visit out. They bought the house from Edgar Martinez, who had it built. He was (is? I don't know) a baseball player for the Seattle Mariners.

Since Edgar Martinez had this house built and he's a professional athlete it, of course, had an awesome fitness room/extra side house.

Heather, Michael and the boys:



Mom and the kids

Jane and Cora
One of Charles' favorite things from our trip was when we went on a little walk at Juanita Bay and we got to see a bunch of turtles sitting around on a log in the water.


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